Heated grips

Gather round the fire dear friends…

and tell me the virtues and pitfalls of heated grips?

I have had them before…and while i had nice warm palms…my finger tips were frozen. So, what’s the point!?

I now have hand guards on the Tiger, so might these be a worthy purchase now? Especially as I can get a pair for less than half price!!

Or…just spend the money on decent gloves?

All opinions welcome!

Handguards make a big difference to your digits that even make the useless triumph ones borderline ok!
Oxford ones (imho) are the dogs nuts!


Oxford are easy to fit and coupled with hand guards or muffs are toasty warm… keeping your controls better, well… controlled!

Thought for gloves is a good idea too though… :thinking:

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Muffs are the ultimate for keeping the hands warm. Nothing else comes close. They look daft but who cares. I have used them in 2 or 3 degrees with summer gloves combined with heated grips, had to turn off the heated grips periodically, was actually getting to warm!

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Especially good if you have but one bike and don’t want to stick plastic crap all over your bars… they’re pretty easy to put on and off


As you’ve found out on a naked bike they’re as much use as tits on a fish as your palms are toasty but the backs and fingers remain cold due to windchill.

I have heated grips on the GS but even then my hands were cold on the backs so I added handguard extensions which helped alot. Mind you it’s bagged up now till March so my hands will remain nice and warm in the car.

Have you considered heated gloves?

Downside to muffs is you can’t see the buttons on your bars for your electrics, horn, lights, etc

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I have heated grips on both my bikes and yes they do work a treat for shorter blast in the cold. However if you are covering long distances in the cold it does not matter how good your kit is you will eventually feel the cold. Just my experience :slightly_smiling_face:


I stick the cruise control on and and keep my hands in my pockets. Toasty.

Personally I would always go for a muff!

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Use the car?


In Oxford? I don’t think so.

Dirty cars. Nasty cars.

The sooner they are uninvented the better!

I suffer from really cold hands at the best of times, but find the combination of hand guards and heated grips (plus winter gloves) works fine for me on the Tiger, although I won’t ride if the air temp is less than about 5 degrees C. I agree that heated grips alone won’t work because of the wind chill on your fingers; +5 degrees at 70mph will feel like -4.


I’ve fitted 4 sets of Oxford heated grips to different bikes in the past and have always been happy with the results. Definitely warmer than the Triumph ones on the Tiger.

The Tiger has handguards and together with the grips work well down to 2 degrees, including motorway riding.

The Yamaha has no guards but the grips on their own are fine for short runs.

The Guzzi has no heated grips but I’ve just fitted some cheap handguards and am going with winter gloves and my Spada waterproof over mits to see how that works :grinning:

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You could fashion guards out of old 4litre milk cartons and zip ties…

I used to have a moped that couldn’t have proper mitts, so I did actually do that with milk bottles!

Nothing as fancy as cable ties… gaffa tape was my friend.

Anybody know if you can get heated mice? I’ll be sat in front of the computer till better weather (March?) and my mouse hand gets cold.

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:joy: :rofl:
That’s my Crimbo pressy sorted then. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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You could try this one.


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