Helmet thoughts

It’s time to apply for a new credit card and have interest free on a new helmet… Both dates and condition of my current HJC FG-ST. My first proper helmet that has done me well but other than fitting was bought on a whim without much research.

Wanting to make a more informed decision this time around, but now suffering from analysis paralysis…so thought I’d put it out there to see what the community thinks…as someone may say something to precipitate a decision!

I know it comes down to fit. So we will take for granted that the for feels good for these options - I’ve been in the shop for an hour trying them on with help and advice from the chaps there!

In price order only:

Shark Sparten RS
Shark Sparten GT Pro
Shoei GT Air 2

I want FF Helmet.
I am an upright riding commuter not a knee down racer.
I want internal visor.
I want DD ring, ideally.

I was advised to up my bracket away from plastic, which is fair enough and so all these are fibreglass I believe.

The weight difference between the first two and second two was noticeable.

The first two are in my comfortable price range, however the virtues of the step up to the GT Pro was sensible…but then, an extra 70 quid gets me the Shoei… But that’s now almost twice my original budget!

Went round in circles in the end… eventually going “helmet blind” so left to do some googling.

I don’t like the fact the Shoei had no or lower SHARP rating. I don’t like it has ratchet rather than DD.

I REALLY liked the feel of the visor mechanism on the GT PRO.

But…the Shark GT Pro isn’t a Shoei… Salesman said that the Shoei is getting on the top end of touring helmet…

I am torn… And, if I get the Shoei I’ll likely be divorced as well…

I have the Shoei GT Air 2 and absolutely love it - but it seems to hit a lot of your “negatives” to justify the extra cost. The other helmet I had was a Shark at the cheaper end of the spectrum.

The positives for me about the Shoei are:

  1. The fit and the ability to swap pads if needed to get it right and it just feels really comfortable.
  2. The internal visor comes down really low so that the bottom doesn’t interfere with your line of sight.
  3. It is quiet (I think - certainly compared to the Shark).
  4. Air flows over it nicely.
  5. The back of it is quite high so the collars of jackets don’t seem to interfere with it.
  6. The ability for emergency services to remove the pads first for safer helmet removal - although I obviously don’t want to know how good that is, that would be a bad day.
  7. I like the vent adjustments.
  8. I like the graphics on mine (shallow but true :rofl:).

I’ve read your post twice to try and appreciate where your dilemma lies, and I think it comes down to one simple factor for determining which helmet is ‘best’, and it’s this - how much do you love your wife? :grin:

But assuming the response is ‘enough’, I’d say stick with your budget and requirements (e.g. DD ring). You’ve already dealt with the main issue of comfort so you can’t go far wrong from here. If the weight reduction of the GT helmets feels significant, whch I guess is a personal choice, but the Shoei is a lot more expecsive, I’d say go for the Shark GT Pro.

That was my take - away from it too :rofl:.

Thank you both…

I do really like the Shoei as well…but then yeah, I remembered…I quite like my wife as well…

Plus, rereading my own post it does sound like the GT Pro may be the compromise - in a good way (cost, features…wife).

Funnily enough MrsV, I was conscious of the back of the helmet on the Shoei, but I actually thought it came down quite low…

I may go to bike shop again and do some more trying on…also…just found the GT Pro for about 80 less in the colour I like…and shop will price match (Shoei not on offer)…so maybe that’s the decision maker…

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Schuberth C3 Pro for me.
Excellent helmet (flip front).
Light, good fit on me - (I established early on that my head is not Arai shaped)
Quiet - my old HJC is like a mop bucket by comparison :joy:

I do have a pin head - size XS with the thickest pads in that they make so maybe a smaller shell makes a difference? Or maybe my Shark was just much lower as it was a different shape?

@HelmutVisor has a Shark Spartan GT (I think - not here to ask, I am day off work today and he isn’t) and really likes it.

Shoei every time for me. Just do it and ask for forgiveness after the fact. That is much easier than seeking permission for the purchase.


Tell her that, if she really loves you, she will want you to have the best possible helmet to protect you.

On reflection, perhaps best not to find out…

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Get the Shoei. If she divorces you over it then it was never going to work out long term anyway :+1:

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Might start a relationship advice thread. :sweat_smile:

I haven’t found better than shoei personally and I’ve crash tested them too :rofl:
Keep an eye out, you can find shoei’s at more reasonable prices simetimes. They might be a year or 2 old but if they are still new in the box there’s no real concern IMO.


“interestingly” I have found a colour way of the shoei I don’t hate…on sale for £410…which is £150 less than I have seen at my local shop…


Tell me more about this ratchet strap…?

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I did actually prefer the double d ring on the original GT-air. The sole reason being the buckle on the new one is coated with rubber and that sometimes slightly irritates my neck if im not wearing a snood. The ratchet itself is really quick and easy to do and undo

That’s good feedback, thank you.

Interestingly - for those that are interested in the minutiae of my inner thinking… (and it bores me,.so God help you!) but now the Shoei is in my price range…I’m still feeling drawn to the Shark… :thinking:


Get one that fits properly… I have had 2 schuberths now and very pleased with them but fit is the most important bit, so go to a shop that has a great selection and go from there…

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Agreed, thank you!

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I’ve got a Skorpion with internal drop down sun visor. Light, comfortable and reasonably priced. I love it.

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As Mrs Visor has said I have the Shark Spartan GT and find it a great fit with all the elements you are looking for. It’s also about £120 cheaper that the GT Pro which for the sake of a bit of carbon fibre I can live with :wink:
The main difference between the GT and GT Pro seem to be a difference in construction (fibreglass vs fibreglass and carbon fibre layers) and an extra air intake :man_shrugging:
The fit is great and it is ready for comms if wanted. It easily accommodates glasses even with the internal visor down and the visor extends low enough so you don’t get a visual line at nose level.
I suspect the salesman is pushing the Shoei as it is the most expensive thus giving them a better return but the reality is they will all do exactly what you want them to so the only thing to do is choose based on best fit, your budget and colour tastes.
Good luck :wink:


I recently bought a Shark Evo ES and it’s a nice helmet - I like it. I also have a 10 year old Arai helmet that I still use and love. The thing about the Arai is the sheer quality, even after all this time it’s just superb.

The Arai is noticeably better quality than the Shark and I suspect the Shoei would be to.

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