Helmet thoughts

That’s useful, but also two steps forward and one step back!

I think I’m gonna have a concerted “what feels better” session…


I’m curious, if you don’t have an internal sun visor how do you deal with the British sun out/in/out every few minutes?

It’s only a problem if the sun is very low in the sky and shining directly into your eyes, but when that is the case a sun visor is very useful and I’d always prefer to have one.


I have an internal visor on my Schuberth and it’s very useful as sometimes, depending on how low the sun is etc I have it part way down so acts as a shade rather than a visor I’m looking through so I can still see into the shadows if that makes sense?

Yes, makes sense. I find that the combination between sun visor, no sun visor, full visor, both etc is so nuanced…I’m not sure how id manage without one!

My Arai doesn’t have a sun visor so I fitted a photosensitive pin lock visor.

I didn’t know such a thing even existed! How well does that work? I don’t think Arai fit internal visors to any of their helmets.

Yeah, what is this other world technology you speak of?

It works pretty well. I don’t notice it going dark but I’m told it does, and it certainly cuts out the harsh glare.


As for buckles, I found this useful.


So much for progress. I wonder what the manufacturers justification would be for using buckles other than the DD. I suspect convenience (not compelling) or, more likely, customer preference and a lack clear of evidence that they’re any less safe.

Yeah, it’s the ratchet buckle on the Shoei that’s a stumbling block for me…

I’ve always had DD buckle helmets and prefer them. The only disadvantage I can see is that they’re difficult to do up with gloves. So I put my helmet on first then my gloves. Yeah, I know, genius. :grin:

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IIRC Arai say they won’t fit a sun visor as it would compromise the shell integrity.
Bit of a shame but having product tested one in the past, I have more or less stuck with Arai.
I do have a Shoei flip front Neotec II but don’t get on with it, it’s heavy, hot and not great in heavy rain.

Looks like that helmet did it’s job!

I think, but don’t know, that the internal visor does indeed compromise the shell integrity - for the same thickness shell, but the helmets with internal visor will accommodate for that by beefing up the shell… Which of course adds weight.

So I’d wager that the Arai helmet is therefore lighter, for that reason…

Weight is important, as a purchase factor, surely?

Irritatingly, as I plunge the research depths of this new purchase, it is almost purposefullly made difficult to compare helmets on things like SHARP rating, and weight…which, to my mind are likely the top two parameters one might like to compare. Yet finding the information requires an internet trawl.

However being told “extremely comfortable” is an easy ‘parameter’ to come by…even though no one knows how it fits me!



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Sounds like a good piece fo work to pull togetther and post ont he forum. :slight_smile:

Good but not when you go in to a tunnel as I discovered for myself. Also not terribly useful if you already wear glasses.

In terms of weight, my Arai Chaser is 1440g and my Shark evo-es (flip front lid) is 1650g

On the bike, I don’t notice a significant difference in the weight.

My GT Air 2 is 1350g I believe - but it is XS; the larger sizes are heavier I think - about 1460g ish it seems from Google.