Holee shmolee

Uh-oh :roll_eyes:

Thought things sounded a little off recently.

Any advice, thoughts, suggestion welcome…

2010 Tiger 1050 ABS

2nd hand set of headers on ebay? Failing that it can be welded

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Thanks Andy; do you happen to know…are these bike model specific, or any other model headers fit…? I hear that they are hard to come by!

I did zoom in, and actually it looks cracked, not just a hole…

Yes you’ve got a stress crack there, probably cracked long before you noticed the hole. Had a quick search on ebay and only hit I found was in Australia so not much help. Probably worth phoning round a few bike breakers?
And start soaking the nuts/studs while you’re waiting.
As Andy suggests it can be welded if there’s no alternative.


Thanks for looking @Col_C

I am guessing that it is a bike specific part…?

Read my thoughts, just checked on Fowler’s, yes the part number is Tiger1050 specific. :frowning_face:

Edit part number is
T2200707 replaced by

Give these a call?


You will need 3 new copper gaskets where the headers meet the engine too. The gasket at the other end can usually be reused, but then again it might be in poor shape on a 13 year old bike

Fantastic, thank you chaps!

Sorry…will it be obvious if I have a CAT or not…? Does it matter?

Almost certainly has one, you’ll see a big bulge at the end like here where the cat is housed.

There’ll be the Lambda/oxygen sensor screwed in down there too.
You’ll see a honeycomb matrix if you look down the collector end.

Would this be a good candidate for JB Weld?

Is that the grey creamy stuff?

I thought JB Weld was just epoxy resin with iron filings in, but after a quick google it seems to be a brand name, and they have something interesting which might be useful here, J-B Weld ExtremeHeat. Though I’d personally be dubious that something like that would hold up to the vibrations.

Hmmm my HOLTS GunGum exhaust repair wrap isn’t quite the subtle, inconspicuous black or grey that I was hoping for…

Any recommendations for something a little less “my exhaust broke and look how I repaired it”…

I mean, it actually looks like an Elastoplast! :joy:

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I think your cheapest option is take it to someone with a welder if second hand parts are proving difficult. I’d have a crack (pun not intended) at it myself if we were local.

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Well done for the offer.

Oh dear…worse than I thought…

Like a sieve :confused:


Fair warning…

Another of my long “posts” coming up as I traverse the adventure that is “Header leak seek and destroy” …

Header studs bathed in plusgas…

Am gonna look through and order what I need…

Then make a start on this on Friday…

More to follow…

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OK, stay away from now if you don’t want to be bored by all this…

Turns out my headers on my 2010 Tiger 1050 abs are blowing all over the show…so I am going to plan to take the headers off and and do a “repair job” on them using exhaust repair paste…

So, first step…

Doused all the header bolts in PlusGas…and will wait a week (well, until Friday) to nmake a start. I’ll respray the PlusGas on throughout the week.

Meanwhile; my understanding is that:

To get to the headers (to take them off); I am going to need to remove the oil cooler and the radiator.



All before getting to the headers themselves:


All expected nuts, bolts and studs have been generously sprayed with PlusGus…

Because of all this I will require:

New engine oil and filter - due a change anyway.
New coolant - due a change anyway.
New oil cooler O rings (4 of)
New exhaust/header gaskets (3 of)
New exhaust manifold gasket (1 of)
A squirt of determination.
2.5 - 5 Litres of patience.
A generous tube of luck…

So, that’s all on order…strip down starts Friday!



Strip down to get to the headers went without incident

However, now the fun begins…

At least 2, maybe 3 of the header nuts are pretty shot…

I have used most of a cannister of gas heating them up…

So I will continue to do that, and plusgas (once cooled), repeat…

And then hope and pray I manege to budge them!

I have treated myself to 6 sided 13mm socket as I hope that’ll grip better than my cheap ones…

As it happens, it was an impact socket…so, I raided the kids’ money boxes and also bought an impact wrench…as … well… :man_shrugging:

In case I actually manage to get these off…I have also bought some new nuts… I hope the studs are ok though!

Hopes, prayers, crossed fingers, advice all welcome!