Jubilee Trips Out

@HelmutVisor and I have had a couple of hours on some of our lovely local roads both yesterday and today. We often head into Wales, but are lucky enough to have some brilliant roads and gorgeous scenery right from our door.

Yesterday we went for coffee and cake at the airfield cafe I went to the other day and came home and drank Pimm’s - felt like summer; why not?

Today we did a circuit with a stop in Ludlow; it was as busy as you would expect for a Bank Holiday, but we parked for free right in the centre - you can just see the Striple and Nightstorm peeking out from behind the flowers. When we returned to the bikes, there was a busker that had set up right by them so we paddled them backwards very quietly before starting them and then made a swift exit to not drown him out too much :laughing:

Hopefully everyone else is having a good holiday if you’re lucky enough to not be working too.


Just got back from a job in Worcester… :pensive:

@MrsVisor bloody nice pics you’ve taken there. Very inviting indeed

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Hope you have some time off over the weekend…

I took a ride out on the bike this morning. Nothing special and no pictures!

Still nice to be out on the bike though, every ride feels like a mini adventure, no matter how mundane.

Great set of pictures. I bet it was good to get out on the bikes. I took the Thruxton for a blast just local in mid Cheshire.


It’s always good to get out on the bikes; two lovely days in a row :+1:. I am sure it’s the same with you and the whole of the UK, but the “car gets driven on high days and holidays only” drivers are out in force on the roads though!!

Yesterday just a bimble up to Boscastle, had to include one of the better “bike roads” down here the B3266 (just a nice flowing road with minimal traffic).



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That looks beautiful :grinning:

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Lovely part of the country

I went for a blast into Wales today. Called into Demon Tweaks in Wrexham to book the Thruxton in for some new rubber. Ordered the pilot 5’s and they are being fitted on Wednesday this coming week.
Had a coffee and bacon buttie while I was out.


Just had a great blast round some local roads, perfect weather for the leather gear, 16°c but feels warmer with the glorious sun and calm conditions. A few laps of the UGP circuit were also done and the roads are completely empty. Really enjoying the 765! It’s got as much power as you want for fast road riding and the nimbleness and handling are sublime. Really good fun wringing it’s neck. No pictures unfortunately, my only stop was for fuel.


Sounds amazing!! One day I’ll be good enough to wring the neck of the 765 I hope :laughing:.


Visited Ramsey today to watch a bit of the TT.
Called in a cafe and had a prawn salad sandwich and two cans of sprite, well it’s thirsty work. I did take a short video but it won’t let me post it.


Video chews through storage and bandwidth. Stick it in YouTube or Vimeo and post a link.

Bollocks. Why can’t you allow small video files ?

Been terribly busy with boring house maintenance stuff lately, but escaped for a nice local-ish run today (about 90 miles in total). Started from home to Haugh of Urr, then across to Dumfries by the Old Military Road (a lovely deserted bendy switchback of a road), up the A76 for a mile or so, then turned off up Glencairn to Moniaive Then westwards over the hills and moors to St John’s Town of Dalry, up to Earlstoun, then southwards again

alongside Loch Ken to Castle Douglas, down to Dalbeattie to refill with petrol, and then home. By the time I got back, my face was aching from an hours-long fixed grin. Photos show Moss Roddock Loch, Earlstoun Loch and Loch Ken.


Oh wow, stunning place to ride and the sky in the last photo is really atmospheric - now I know who got the good weather today!! :laughing:.

Thanks. As I’ve said before, when the scenery was handed out, the Highlands didn’t get it all!

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