Just a ride some of my local favourite roads

Thought I share some pics from my ride a week or so ago. Nothing special just a Spirited ride on some of my favourite roads. Given I’m located on the East Coast of Australia I wont bore you with the road names. But can add them if ppl want.

I’d been meaning to get another pic with Einstein for a while now, so got up early to beat the city traffic

Meet up with another tiger riding mate and headed to our favourite cafe for a latte

then we hit our local twisties, two laps no less, about 100 corner a lap.

that was enough fun for one day (about 380 ks for me for the day) so we headed home for a cold ale and nap, not necessarily in that order.


Road looks brill @Dustywheels :smiley::+1:
Is it such good surface all along? We can only dream of such luxury in North West England :confused:!

The road surface, the weather, the scenery - it all looks lovely :+1:.

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It’ll be a while before we see weather like that!.. on the plus side, the toilet in work thawed out and is useable again :rofl:

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The road where the twisty pics was taken is pretty much that condition for its enter length. Although the recent floods and continual wet weather we’ve experienced on the eastern side of Australia this year have taken there toll in places, with one section back to one lane. as for the reat of the road in the area, some a in good condition, others are to badly damaged ( not maintained ) to ride with safety so are avoided.


Lovely looking riding you have there.

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Great riding and pictures to boot. :grinning:

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Great thread hijack, thanks

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