Just Motorcycle Songs

Tunes for Triumphs. Music for motorcyclists. It can be as tenuous as you like but it must have something to do with the world of bikes. Your post must have the song to play! How many are out there…?

Youtube playlist.

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God… I thought you were gonna open with BOOH!!! :wink:

Don’t be silly…

Old … but gold! Like all the best classics - sounds great even today.


Let’s get this one out of the way. Almost saved by some Silverstone GP footage, here’s a ‘classic’ from permed Mel Gibson prototype, David Essex. Even he can’t keep a straight face in the end.

Now that’s how to start your day. :metal:

Saw Budgie in Nottingham back when God were a lad, shared a table in the pub next door with Burke Shelley and Tony Bourge. Signed my ticket, had a chat, then went in and did us a monster set. Top lads, none of this security team malarkey :sunglasses:


Love Budgie… very underrated!

Who remembers these?

For slightly mature members on here,


Yep. Canadian three piece IIRC? Saw them at Colston Hall, Brizzal and vaguely recall being underwhelmed. I like to hear live music that sounds as close to the studio version as it’s possible to get but with added emotion. Perhaps that’s why my favourite live band has to be Lizzy.

There IS a (perhaps tenuous) link with this one from them … it does have the “got ma 'sickle outside, wanna try?” lyric so I think we can assume that the rocker reference is to the machine as much as it is to the music?

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For the Bee Em Dubyah riders

(Tenuous, I know… :wink:)

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The motorcycle song. Arlo Guthrie


Let’s get this one out of the way.

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Tenuous but excellent.

Such a great tune, and as relevant now as then…I play this regularly on my 90s Youtube mix. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m surprised this has not been listed yet…

Here is another from the past.