Keep getting a PDF download when viewing thread "What You Been Doing With Your Triumph Today"

So, this is quite probably something specific to my setup but every time I view the thread What You Been Doing With Your Triumph Today my web browser (Firefox) downloads a PDF file with a randomly generated name (different each time) that contains the wiring diagram linked to in post What You Been Doing With Your Triumph Today - #2050 by BigJock23

That post itself just has a grey box for the PDF preview, and viewing the page source that box appears to be an ifame with src=“blob:” I can’t work out what that ‘blob’ is as the URL returns a 404 error.

I just tried a different web browser (Vivaldi) and the PDF doesn’t download, and the ‘preview’ looks like this:

Screenshot from 2023-09-14 17-54-46

Where the ‘Open’ button doesn’t do anything.

Is the ‘blob’ just the PDF file itself?

I’ve recreated this by changing the Firefox setting to download PDFs rather than opening them in the browser.

Makes sense, I would have done that to avoid any security issues with a buggy built-in PDF renderer, don’t want my browser trying to render random embedded PDF’s from the internet. :wink: I’ll hack around things my end with entries in userContent.css…

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Overriding the CSS client side with “iframe.pdf-preview { display: none!important; }” hides the ‘preview’ but Firefox still downloads the blob :frowning: Got to think of some more creative solution or just live with it.

I must say I’ve not had this issue before so the forum must be the first website I’ve visited that embeds a PDF into the HTML page itself, rather that just being just a link to the file.

The component uses the browser’s native PDF viewer to render the document. When the component is set for inline preview (the default), the browser downloads the file and does whatever the user has determined in the settings.

I’'ve gone back to the dev community with this scenario, where you don’t want to have inline previews enabled but the browser pulls the file when the page loads, and see if there are any suggestions.

Thanks. I’ve been trying to get my head around uBlock Origin’s filters to see if I can block elements of class ‘pdf-preview’ on this site, but I can’t get things working. (Poor documentation doesn’t help).