What You Been Doing With Your Triumph Today

I had a new set of Pilot Road 5’s fitted to my Thruxton yesterday. I had a family commitment so did not have time to scrub them yesterday so only rode home. So today I set off to run them in. I stopped for a coffee at my favorite burger van for a buttie and a cuppa.

Bike is back in the garage with the tyres nicely run in and ready for a more spirited ride next time out.


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Finished this one off. Gave it a run round the block and other than a few bits and bobs it’s done. :smiley:

I’ve partially rebuilt it down to the top end and bare frame etc. Re-wired the positive earth loom using my trusty basic wiring diagram to negative earth.

I drew this out as I found that I was always re-wiring from first principles every time I did a build. It’s based around a 3-way ignition switch (OFF, ON and LIGHTS) and I’ve included colours of the wiring that’s normally on items that are purchased for re-builds of this type including electronic ignition and speedos. I can now just work through it ticking bits off as they are wired up. Nothing stopping you doing that build now :slightly_smiling_face: crack on.


A ride down to Sennon yesterday.

Up to Padstow today.


Weather looks good for your ride. Love the coastline photos :grinning:

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I’ve spent many a sunny afternoon in Sennen. Sunday lunch at the Old Success.



:grinning: :+1:
New holiday apartments (I assume) where the pub carpark used to be now.

There were a few apartments and a small car park when I was there but it’s been nearly 4 years now. I could rarely get in to park and had to stump up for the pay & display across the road.

Well that saves you any frustration, no choice now. :grinning:

I must get back down there sometime. This is the longest I’ve ever been away. No real ties there any more so no compulsion to visit, but I do miss it.

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Today I’ve just been using a ruler and calipers on my Speedmaster. To make sure today’s delivery will fit…

I don’t plan on fitting it for over a month but thought I’d check that all looked sane.


I was thinking of replacing the shock on my Street Triple for a Nitron one. No point in spending Ohlins money on it.

These cost the same as Ohlins, or Matris, which are the other options I’d seen. But these are made to order and customised for your weight which I thought was the important thing, being as I’m larger than the average mouse, and also often ride with luggage and/or Mrs Mouse.


I’ll have to take another look at it sometime. Maybe it was Hagon I was thinking of.

Hagon was one of the brands I Googled for as I remember having some back in the day. However their website says ‘Under construction’ and ©2010, so that put me off. And I hate using the phone.

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Removed the wheels, cleaned them and dropped off for new PR5s. Changed oil and filter. Cleaned the calipers and ordered new pads. Norway beckons…


Today, I’ve put my motorcycle shoes and my jacket to go to an appointment, then searched my keys, didn’t found them, and jump in my car without the motorcycle jacket , but forgot about the shoes…
So today I was really close to ride the Triumph…


I wonder if the one l kept off my Sprint would fit? :slightly_smiling_face:

Beats me. :slight_smile:

Worth looking into. Be a lot cheaper than a new one, only done about a thousand miles…