Local elections and tactical voting

It’s usually best to avoid politics and religion on forum however, the local council elections are coming up next week in the UK, and irrespective of your leaning, there isn’t much that I’m aware of at this local level to help people understand how to vote to get the best outcome for them.

While this site is (clearly) biased towards a particular result, it does have a useful database to find out who runs what council, which party was elected for your ward, and, if you’re inclined to vote tactically, who to cast your vote for to avoid a Tory-run council being elected…

None of this would be necessary if we had a proportianl representation system, of course.

No local elections in Scotland in this month, where we do have a form of proportional representation except for Westminster elections. But we do need PR for all elections. FPTP regularly gives big majorities to parties that most people voted against.

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I don’t have much interest in politics these days. I came to the conclusion that they’re all lying b’stards years ago and just init for the gravy. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for the usual mobs but this year we have an “Independent Party” standing, I may be tempted, maybe, just as a protest. I like to protest. :grinning:


I agree, lying bastards the lot of them. I’ve already voted via post for a bunch of new independents in my area. Unlikely to oust Labour, but might make them think about what they have failed to deliver for years. :slightly_frowning_face:


I believe the last time a Conservative government had an actual majority was the 1950s. Not sure about the others. FPTP is in the interest of the big parties but not necessarily the rest of us.

Yes, it delivers for the Tories nearly every time, and the Labour leadership don’t want to change it either, because it gives them an occasional turn at the top.

And then you went and spoilt it. :roll_eyes: :slightly_smiling_face:

We don’t even have an assembly FFS :rofl: wanking dogs laying on their asses getting full pay :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I always vote, even though they are all a shower of self serving aholes. It is hard to imagine its actually worthwhile though.

Don’t hold back, Andy: tell us what you really think of them.

A a local level, there are some with a genuine will to do good for the people and not just themselves. But the higher you go, the more it stinks!

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Can we have a politics sub category and an ignore function so it doesn’t appear on the ‘latest’ page?

This is the problem - protest votes are effectively discarded with FPTP. The only way to protest is to vote for the party most likely to oust the one you don’t like.

You can mute any topic you don’t want to see. Click the button at the bottom of the posts.

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I asked for that some time ago, but “Saul says no” :slightly_smiling_face:
I also go on the S1000XR forum where they have a TOTAL ban on politics (and a few other things).
It’s a fine line, that forum is rather sterile, zero banter. I even got a reprimand for blaming EU for something bike related (still not sure if it was tongue in cheek :smile:)

I think the clue is in the title of the thread ‘Local elections and tactical voting’. Easy to ignore if you want to.

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So french :grinning:

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Careful what you wish for. Tactical voting in our area led to an Independent / Green alliance and they have royally fecked things with crazy expensive useless schemes (unused ill thought out cycle lanes, trees in pots down the middle of a road, moss filters to counteract pollution etc, etc each of which cost a million plus) as well as cancelling multi million pound projects. I believe it cost somewhere in the region of 22 million when cancelled :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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A few threads here and there are manageable but having dedicated areas inviting people to post on what can be inflammatory subjects may be asking for trouble.

There’s no censorship as the Speakeasy is for any off-topic posts (within reason!). I appreciate some subjects do have people rolling their eyes but, as noted above, you can mute topics, and even categories and people, so no one has to suffer content they’re really not interested in.

People sometimes have quite different and strong opinions. So far nothing has descended in to a flame war, which says a lot about everyone here.

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So where do I mute the “Politics” category? :man_facepalming:t2:

I think it is really refreshing to read others folks views and thoughts on all subjects and I don’t want to see things being sensored.

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