Motorcycle Art

David Mann’s Apehanger Days from the early issues of Easyriders.

I always thought Angelo’s (assuming it was him doing the graffiti) head was miles too big so this one has been erm… made smaller.
There have been one or two actual bikes built to this design but I don’t think any have the “cafe racer” on the tank. Just shows you, it wasn’t just the 59ers.

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Another great artist is David Uhl for motorcycle paintings. Go check out his website Uhl Studios and this one - Free Spirit - really reminds me of those great early chop days.

Again, I’ve made a few amendments. Got rid of the bald eagle and buffalos.

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And another painting produced from a photo advert for the real Rocket 3.

I added some heels to bring up to date. :smile:


Blimey, Dave Mann. That takes me back. Was a regular reader of Easyriders and Iron Horse in the late 70’s and 80’s I guess. Nice one. :smile:

Though last two are exceptional

I bought one of those (an A75 R3, that is) largely on the strength of the memories of that ad.! Still got it. :slightly_smiling_face:

These are your paintings, Iron? They are top class. If you sell originals - or prints - I’m interested. Very interested.

Only the Rocket is my original painting (from the Rocket advert obviously), wish I still had the chopped one I owned from the 70s (pink/blue fishscales with a purple seat), the others are not mine, I’ve just amended them slightly. I’m afraid I don’t do commissioned art any more, sorry.
I do have the original hanging over the toolbox in the garage, I dunno what state it’s in, I can photo it so you can print one off or we can sort something if you’d like the original I’m sure.

Probably the greatest ever bike builder IMO. Shame he was a silly sod and fell off doing his standing on the seat trick. A pencil drawing complete with (copied) signature in permanent marker.


Another David Mann. Ghost Rider with the original SS on the tank (the PC world has taken that bit out these days)


I didn’t care for a lot of the other David Mann paintings but there is always a soft spot for this one. Flying eh, pffft… :expressionless:

I may re-do these classics one day but with the old British look.

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Just wow dude.

Love this thread and the paintings, @Iron! The woman in “Free Spirit” is Betsy Huelskamp. I met her and Gloria Struck when we were in Deadwood, South Dakota when we went to Sturgis in 2019.


Thanks Iron. All understood.

Yep, I’ll PM you later about the original - about to go out for most of the day.

Laters …

Well there ya go. I’d never heard of either of them. I liked the David Uhl Free Spirit painting 'cause it reminded me of those days when you came across those friendly hippies. I knew that it wasn’t a 60s chop due to the late 70s and early 80s disc brakes. I expect it’s even later than that, much later. Here she is in photo form


They both still ride apparently. Betsy even had a go at Everest. A lot more history there than I thought, thanks for that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s pretty difficult to do anything without a photo for reference. We all know this one

Very talented Michael Knepper but IMO overdoing the ‘eagle in the sky freedom stuff’. And, by the way, Fonda had a lot less to do with those bike designs and builds than he said he did.

Miles better and a lot more meaning in that one. Again by Michael Knepper.


Great photo

Turned into an equally or even greater painting by David Uhl

David Mann’s ‘in memory’:

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Richard Fugetta’s ‘taking a break’. Great.

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Yep, a very interesting pair of women. When I met them they appeared to know one another quite well. Betsy was shepherding Gloria around a bit it seemed. I chatted awhile with Gloria and when I bought a copy of the book she has written, she wrote a nice personalized inscription in it for me.

I actually saw Betsy’s motorcycle parked on the street before I saw Betsy! I recognized it right off as it’s quite, shall we say, unique. :wink: :joy:! I was intently looking it over when Mr. Sandi, who was facing me on the other side of the bike, pointed behind me. I turned around and there was Betsy, standing on the sidewalk with Gloria, watching me look at her bike. I’m sure it’s not the first time that’s happened to her.

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The great Ian Cater

Really knows his way around a brush

And his way around a motorcycle. Cafe Racers and the Ace Cafe. Go find him on twitter - @MotorcycleArtUk - I think - as I don’t do social media very well