Name that tool

No, not a new gallery of Piers Morgan and Nigel Farage pictures, I’m sorting out my garage and finally getting around to figuring out what tools and other assorted items I actually have in there. Over the years I’ve bought all sorts of things but also inherited stuff and never really looked at what I’ve got.

While not necessarily motorycle or even automotive related in every case, I reckon just about everything will be recognised by someone.

Here’s the first one.

Radiator plug key thingy?

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Correct IMO

I was going to say @AndyPandy but then realised this is the wrong thread

It is difficult to say as there is no scale or size reference to make a judgement?

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Tappet adjusting tool for a Scott Squirrel…:smile:

Radiator spanner for adjusting tightening and loosening radiator valves.
I bought one a while back at the time I confused it for something else.
Screwfix still sell them. To this day I aint used mine I might have even thrown it away.


It’s bigger than you, does that help? :rofl:

This is my adjusting tool for a grey squirrel

I think we’ve reached a consensus on that one. Here’s the next tool. It’s plastic and about six inches long.

Something that short has got to be @Littleade

Bike spanner of sorts or one of those shitty things you get with a washing machine :slightly_smiling_face:


That was my thought too. Glad he posted a picture though. The description could be something totally different!

Tyre leaver?

Looks like a spade to go with your beach bucket. :slightly_smiling_face:

A lawnmower blade removal tool innit :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m going with the washing machine suggestion and the tool is going in the bin on account of plastic spanners only being suitable for Meccano.

And KTMs. :wink:

Not quite… I bought a plastic spanner to adjust fork preload to save marking the anodised finish on my KTM. It had the same style nut on the top of the fork as you would see on an Ohlins fork.

I like that answer. I need to ask my wife, she’s our grasscutter…:smile:

@Iron is correct.
Google image search is your friend.
I have been known to cheat. :scream: