Name that tool

So I’ll add to the game…
This has two answers, the tool has been modified.

  1. What was its original purpose (which I no longer need) when the long allen key had the usual 90 deg end and was used in conjunction with the sleeve.
  2. I’ve since re-purposed the long allen key, cut off the 90 deg end and provided a larger hex, the sleeve is no longer used. What do I use it for now?

No cheating :laughing:

We have safely established @Iron’s encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Triumph. To that we can now add lawnmowers. Where will it end, I ask myself? :grin:

Victorian surgery re-enactments?

@Col_C is it for incrementing 0.25Nm for the analy retentive?

:laughing: warm (not very)

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Is it for attaching a thingymebob to a whatchamacallit? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That’s a possible description of use 2. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it a fork setting adjuster?

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Original use is for adjusting something, not forks though…

Adjusting the odometer?

Tappets without cam cover removal

Looks like it was an SU carburettor tool?

CLOSE… but no cigar

Idle adjuster

Idle mixture, but for which carb?


Correct. :slightly_smiling_face:
For a car I had in the early 80’s.
The long allen key is now re-used along with extensions on a 1/4 drive socket set to access the clamps on the throttle body rubbers when doing a valve check on my Speed Triple. :+1:

In my best @Iron impression…

Well done collective. Here’s a pretty easy one to settle your nerves, but for which bike? And what colour was it? :smile:

It’s for tightening your nuts and they were very very red. :smirk:

Centifugal oil filter socket, Honda CG125, red…