New 350 "triumph " baja

Sorry for the screen grabs but you get the gist etc…


Nice little bike.
I was admiring the new Trident when I was at the dealer’s last Saturday - also a great looking bike!

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Has there been some new news that I’ve missed? Is something finally happening?
I think Triumph have always needed a smaller capacity bike than the mid 600 upwards. I went for a 350 royal enfield as a second bike but would have been happy with a triumph even if it is built in the same country as the enfield.
I do wish they’d stop with the high level exhausts though as they affect what panniers I can fit.

I do like the fact that the engine looks like a triumph engine?
On the rhs side at least. Nice touch imho.

They could call it a 3TA.

It’s a fun bike, I had a go on one. Really good fun! But it’s got pretty harsh suspension.

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I just had a look at it - I liked the way it looked. The mrs. fancied it… :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::joy:


Here’s the original article from the screenshots.


So ‘expected… end… 2023’, oh well not soon. Perhaps the royal enfield himalayan 450 will also be out around then. It’ll give a few more choices.

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Are they definitely bringing the new bike to this country, or is it aimed at the Indian and Asian markets where smaller capacity bikes are big sellers? I thought I’d read that somewhere but I could be wrong.

These guys from zigwheels were discussing these bikes today, focusing on the Indian market. A couple of interesting comments were

  1. one of them was on a KTM 390 duke and spotted one of the new bikes and once it saw him they just opened the throttle and pulled away from the ktm.
  2. These bikes are all going to be triumph badged, bajaj make them.
  3. they talked about export markets.
    It all sounded positive, but then when is a chat about new bikes ever downbeat?

When they designate a Bonneville as T100. No chance.

I’m torn as to whether this is a good move. On the one hand for motorcycling to survive we need to attract youngsters (that can’t afford to buy/insure larger bikes), and Triumph want to get in on brand loyalty asap. On the other hand we have the likes of Ducati who have gone on record saying they will not produce small/low end motorcycles, wanting Ducati to be a high end brand to aspire to.
I also think Triumph moving manufacture to Thailand has been detrimental to their image, and perhaps they have realised this as I believe they are now moving more manufacture back to the UK.


I think it looks fun and is a good move not just for the younger A2 market, but I lurk around a few beginner’s groups sometimes and probably the majority of female riders coming through (usually around my age - 44 when I started) and many older male riders just starting out seem to be looking for smaller, lighter, lower capacity bikes - in fact many of them do their A2 licenses as they have no desire at all for anything bigger or anything fast - makes no sense to do that as you limit your choices but that’s another conversation!

When I am out on my own like last weekend and other female riders talk to me who have been riding a similar amount of time to me they are usually on RE Himalayans, Meteors, Interceptors and Honda Rebel 500s which are very, very popular. I could see this new Triumph going down a storm.

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I’m not sure many people care that much about where the bikes are manufactured when deciding whether to buy one. They’re still perceived as a fundamentally British marque with global sales and turnover figures generally looking good.

The new model is clearly aimed as foreign markets where small capacity machines thrive. If they can sell enough over here I’m sure they’ll bring them in but I doubt whether it’s the main justification for creating the new machine. Having said that, if they can tap in to the group who buy low-power Royal Enfields and consider the Trident, perhaps that is part of the plan.

Ducati’s playground is a different market segment, like Porsche and other manufacturers. Apples and oranges.


Is it confirmed that this model will be part of the Triumph line up in the UK or Europe?

So Triumph is no longer a brand to aspire to. :frowning_face:

I wouldn’t say they’re a premium brand. Sort of like Jaguar compared to Porsche.

A victim of their own commercial success. When I bought my first Hinckley Triumph, it wasn’t a perfect bike but had a strong (British) identity with exclusivity, would always get attention whenever I parked up. To the point of being tiresome, especially for those I was riding with - (mostly on BM’s :slightly_smiling_face:).
Now Triumph is just another Honda or BMW.

From this article Triumph transfers Indian operation to Bajaj (
“The bikes will be targeting successful Indian rivals like Royal Enfield, but also offered globally as a new entry point to the Triumph range.”