New bike day

After six years with the Street Twin I thought it was time to look for a replacement. A visit to Fowlers ended up with me trading in the old bike and collecting a new Speed Twin 900 Chrome Edition.
I think I managed to get it home before the council spread too much grit/salt on the roads. Looking forward to some spring days to start putting the miles on.


Happy new bike day Alfie :sunglasses:

Congratulations, Alfie. I’ll bet you can’t wait until the spring.

Congrats, very nice :sunglasses:

Happy new bike day :grin:

Thank you all peeps, starting to put all the farkles on. Fowlers swopped my sump bash plate, rear rack and grab rail, Engine bars and pannier rails. When I ordered the bike I also asked for a centre stand to be fitted which appears to be on back order. Still to fit are battery tender lead, auxiliary power socket, front axle protector and engine protector covers.
Busy time but I hate the cold having to work outside. I managed to get all the stickers off the tank. The salesman said to peel the sticker off and the squirt Pledge polish and leave for five minutes. All the residual sticky stuff came of and I finished with a coat of polish. I’m a happy bunny.


Happy new bike day mate!

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Congratulations on your new bike :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great choice. Lovely bike. Happy new bike day!

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Tis a lovely looking bike :+1:

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Happy new bike day :smiley:
Wrong type of weather though!

Nice bike! Enjoy.

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