New Tyre Day for Tracy

New Michelin Road 6’s today for my Tracer. Pretty expensive but was very happy with my 4’s which did 10,000 miles and 6’s are supposed to be better. The old tyres were very confidence inspiring in the wet, I hope these are as good or better.


Very smart mate :grinning:

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I loved the 4’s, now got the 5’s on the Speedy so have no doubt they will be excellent :smiley:

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Nice rubber :grin: 5’s are a great tyre, not tried 6’s yet but no doubt they are superb.

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Similar story for me. I have 4’s on my Tiger and have just put 5’s on my Thruxton. They are for me confidence inspiring tyres :grinning:


Very smart Andy, looks like they’ll be even better in the wet than the 4’s.

Still got yer Tracer then? For some stupid reason I can’t quite explain I sold mine - Doh !


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Had it three years now, very happy with it. Briefly thought about test riding the Tiger 660 but decided to get new tyres instead. Looking at upgrading the rear shock with a basic YSS and some progressive fork springs next.

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New tyres instead of a Tiger 660? How many did you buy?!

Only two but they weren’t cheap.

I was quoted well over £400 for two for the Yamaha - sod that, I only wanted the rubber bit not the whole wheel :joy:

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The old bugger finally makes an appearance :joy:

Bloody hell Andy - 10000 miles out of a trye. Only ever managed 7500 on the Tiger at best and only 4500 on the Yamaha

Andy is often to be seen out riding in Lancashire, focussed on the road ahead, pushing himself along with one foot…


I paid £368 fitted. Ride in, ride out. Dear but looking on t’internet they were £350 just to buy the tyres so I reckon I got a fair deal. Obviously the shop pays less than £350.

No I use two feet. Both left ones but I do have two.
Oh and I don’t even know where LancHshire is.

Never question the Admin’s spelling. :wink:

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Not necessarily. I know when I asked at a local place about fitting tyres, and I said what price they were on internet, they said they couldn’t match the price so I bought them myself and took them in to be fitted.

This is always the dilemma isn’t it - things are always cheaper on the internet.

I’ll normally pay the extra (within reason) to be able to buy things locally otherwise the ‘high street’ will cease to exist, it already barely exists in smaller towns.

There’s a really good small one man band motorcycle shop where I live and I normally buy tyres through him - he fits them to. He’s not as cheap as the internet, but he’s really good and helpful so it would be a shame if he disappeared.


I’m with you on that one. There’s value to be had from a trusted, reliable service and I don’t mind paying a little more for that.


Well maybe but I doubt the shop fitted the tyres including taking the wheels off and balancing etc just for £18. The owner has said to me before that they can usually do really good deals on tyres.

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