Odometer - Tiger 900

Can anyone tell me how to find the odometer on the Tiger 900? I’ve been through all the menus, I even resorted to reading the handbook, but I still can’t find it.

Are you on screen style 4? Apparently it is seen on other screen styles! Consulting the google… it seems you’re not alone in your frustration. It’ll flash up on startup… you can see it on your triumph app in the service screen… or summat! It does seem odd to not have it there, easy to find!

Pretty much - just shows up on the start up screen then disappears :grimacing:

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Bit left field this-my old Passat has the same annoying habit, only shows odometer at standstill. Once moving it starts showing km/hr, as there is no converter on the clock face and it’s a requirement for all cars sold in the EU. Does the bike have a more important function to display? :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m pretty sure the street triple is the same, only displays it on startup

Thanks chaps. It does indeed show on the start up screen - for less than two seconds! That really does appear to be the only way to see the odometer.

As for showing on the app…… I can’t currently get the app to talk to the Tiger which means that I can’t currently access the integrated navigation. I’m waiting on Triumph to get back to me on this one.

I can get the app to talk to the Speed Triple and this is what it tells me about that bike.

My range is 5.6 miles to empty. It actually has about 3/4 of a tank in it.

My next service is due in Sept 2071 - yes, another 49 years until the next service is due :+1:

The total mileage is 1309 - it’s actually about 2200.

I wouldn’t place too much faith in the app information.

We have another thread called ‘Are bikes getting too complex’. I think these odometer and app not talking to bike issues kind of prove the point…


You beat me to it!


Have you done it from the bike to the iPhone? It needs to be that way around and its better to do it that way apparently…

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I have an android phone. I’ve tried adding it all ways! It pairs fine with the Speed Triple but not the Tiger - very odd.

The actual phone will pair with the Tiger without a problem, it’s only the MyTriumph app that won’t pair, yet the app will pair with the Speed Triple.


Have you tried shouting at it?

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The correct vin number for the bike maybe missing/incorrectly entered on the module at the dealer? That has happened!

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Nice to see at least one of us trying to be helpful. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

(I personally have honestly no idea why a motorbike even needs to be paired to either an app or a phone, so I can’t help. )

Have you tried turning it off and turning it on again? :grin:

I remember my dad thumping the top of the tv when the valves wouldn’t heat up. A fairly low-tech approach, so it generally worked…

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I didn’t shout, but I did call it a ****

Do you remember the valve man coming around once a week to see if you needed any?

No, was that a thing? I just remember the milk float, the baker’s van and the rag and bone man with his horse and cart.

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I remember the little truck that came round selling lemonade and whatnot. Must’ve been about 2 years old. Me, not the truck.

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