Old Triumph eye candy

Bonhams are at Stafford selling another ton of bikes and memorabilia in October. Even if you’re not a buyer, I thoroughly recommend grabbing a fresh mug of tea, putting your feet up on the workbench and flicking through the glossy, colour catalogue. There are some amazing old bikes in there.

If you’re just interested in the Triumphs, here’s the list.

Triumph 4hp Model SD
Triumph 550cc SD
Triumph 550cc Model SD & Gloria Sidecar
Triumph 494cc Model P
Triumph 550cc Model 5/1 Project
Triumph 350cc Tiger 80
Triumph 343cc 3HW
Triumph 199cc Tiger Cub
Triumph 649cc Thruxton Bonneville
Triumph 649cc T120TT Bonneville TT Special
Triumph 750cc Trident ‘Rob North’ Formula 750
Triumph 750cc T150V Trident
Triumph 740cc T160 Trident
Triumph 744cc T140 Bonneville
Triumph 750cc T140 Flat Tracker Special
Triumph T100 Bonneville 50th Anniversary


Will do just as you suggest I think :grinning: Now, let’s put a lottery ticket on!

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That was a fun read, some junk but some beauties. It answered the questions I previously raised about the auctioneers take, 15% on first £500, 12% on everything else. So my maths skills says that’s around £1,000 on an £8,000 hammer price… More than I thought it might be.
It’s also changed my idea of an auction from Lovejoys version to ‘we want all your details and bank info, which we will check before the auction’. You’re certainly not going to turn up and make a mad cash purchase!
Also I couldn’t find anything about the Anthony R. East collection that I’d previously posted about in Bonhams Auction, Staffs county showground 14-15th Oct - Events / Shows - Triumph Motorcycle Forum. Perhaps it’s been pulled or not ready yet?


I agree, some stuff there you wouldn’t give house room to but some really outstanding things, Rob North Triumph and the gorgeous Ducati SS. I certainly won’t be bothering the auctioneer at those prices!
@Octoberon I needed several brews to get through that :grinning:

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There’s been a Rob North for sale on ebay for a few months. Built by Les Whiston (who builds Guy Martin’s bikes) for 9.5k. Worth every penny to my mind. I’d have it myself but I like the spanners too much.

There’s also a video of it done by Classic Bikes I think

Not a triple but very very nice indeed. Go buy it, make me jealous…

I agree some of the bikes in the Auction are poo. Little expensive non sellers.
Those cheap looking Triumph T150/T160 and Rocket IIIs won’t be that cheap when the hammer falls (particularly given the % increase as pointed out by @wattie)
The posh bikes (they’ve always been for the posh boys) are about right on the money IMO.
Too far for me to go watch but would be worth a visit if you are up that way - the added advantage is you could laugh and point at at Henry Whatsit’s stupid hat. :grin:

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I like the £12 p+p :joy::joy: