Onboard cameras

I fitted my front and rear cameras on the tiger today. I had to take the front lower fairing, rear side panels and the pannier rack off to get the cables threaded through. Relatively easy task, but a bit fiddly.
Just need to connect the power up and should be good to go.


What did you buy, are they any good, we need the full story.

I’ve got the INNOV K3 on the Speed triple, which I think is good. Still looking for something for the Tiger. I had a look at the INNOV K5, but they’re quite expensive.

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Have a look at the SYS stuff on AliExpress. I bought mine about 4 years ago and it’s been faultless and for the money it’s excellent. Build quality might not be up to stuff like the Inovv but it’s a lot cheaper ( I had an early Inovv that stopped working after a software update so they’re not for me anymore)

Just found this amazing item on AliExpress. Check it out!
£104.39 25%OFF | SYS VSYS Full Body Waterproof Motorcycle Camera Recorder P6FL Q6L WiFi Dual 1080P Full HD Motorcycle DVR Dash Cam Black GPS Box


Where will you be taking the switched live feed from out of interest?

I still have my old Roadhawk bullet camera from the Tiger and will probably fit it to the Transalp. I took the feed from the rear light wire under the phone charging tray beneath the pillion seat. Modern CANbus systems prevent you from taking the easy option such as taking the feed from the horn.

I’ve not made a final decision. The rear light is a good option but fiddly to get at on the tiger, I have a switched wire for the satnav that was installed by the dealer when I got the bike. It is more accessible, so is also an option. I will update once I have done the job.


Still in two minds whether to try a dash cam type on the S1000XR. I had/have a Drift Ghost S about 10 years back, but needs a 5v supply which drops out every time starter engages, became a faf to use and the novelty soon wore off. Not seen the light of day for some years now.
Do I want the limited under seat space further reduced. :thinking:

Another thing I’m not sure about - how does hooking up accessories work when the bike, like mine, has a CanBus system?

Yes, likewise on the Beemer, unless it’s straight on to the battery.
Edit: could piggy back the din/accessory socket.

I suppose I could, but I’d rather not splice into the OEM loom… A Hex EzCan would be a solution, but again, rather expensive…

You could try the Healtech Thunderbox. But on my bimmers with a canbus system, never had an issue using a live feed from the rear light, accessory socket etc.

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Well thatvwas the problem I discovered when switching from yhe old Tiger 800 whete the live feed was simply connected to the horn via a “piggyback” connector.

This won’t work with CANbus systems, hence the need to connect via thecrear light on the 900. Very fiddly as Wessa says and even worse on the Transalp.

Probably will go for the Healtech option this time as I might also want to connect auxiliary fog lamps at some point. The Honda seems happy to throw up fault codes on the TFT screen if you poke sbout in it’s electectrics too much according to forum posts.

By the way, Tiglet and I once briefly convinced crispey that if he wired his satnav via the horn on his Tiger 800 then it would only work when he sounded the horn! :joy:

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:joy::joy: that’s funny!

There’s very often a din socket that is switched you can use if you don’t want to mess with your wiring. I put a plug on the 1st bike cam I had on the GS and it was fine. I’ve since bought a hex ezecan which also powers other stuff too and it was relatively easy to fit.


Especially as it was Crispey :rofl:

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Ok, I bought

Not connected the power yet as I had a problem getting the SD card installed. I bought the unit from J&S who I returned it to today. They are going to replace the whole unit, so need to wait a couple of days before I can finish the job.

Here a few pictures showing the camera placement and no cables in sight.


Or you could simplify things by fitting the analogue version:


Thanks for fixing Saul.

Ok so having had a chat with a technician mate at my dealers I decided to splice the camera feed onto the yellow feed to the rear light. He confirmed it was a switched 12v feed, even though the light is only 5v.

I had to remove the pannier rack again lol. It was a bit a fiddle getting the cable exposed, but once done the soldering was straight forward.

I installed the faulty unit to test the connectivity and to make all fits under the seat without problems.

Here a couple pictures of the completed install. Swapping the old unit out and installing the new one in will only requiring undoing the three (yellow, red and white) connectors and should be good to go.


I decided to go down the Thunderbox route, so ordered one of those.
For the camera’s I opted for this:

I’ve ordered a Thunderbox so we’ll see how that goes next week.
Not sure whether to connect the Roadhawk or the Innovv one yet.

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