Pinocchio is dragged towards the door

…not quite kicking and screaming, but pretty much. I look forward to a government not headed by BJ. Deffo shades of Trump in his denial, but assuming he isn’t crossing his fingers when he resigns, it’s finally happening. This is a good day-coffee and croissant, 25 degrees, and the clown’s days are numbered. Yippee!! :grinning:


No doubt he’s a dick but he’s been entertaining. I don’t think he’s any different than any other MP in that they are all lying b’stards it’s just that BoJo has been on the end of a long and sustained media hatchet job.

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He has been a national embarassment from day one. Now the same people who appointed him as leader will get to choose his successor. Why doesn’t that fill me with confidence?


Not really Andy. The media didn’t put him in bed with Jennifer Arcuri, didn’t try to change the rules on standards to try and save first Owen Paterson, then himself. They didn’t try to pull a fast one on the refit of the Downing St flat, the list is endless. He’s an entitled incompetent autocrat, who really didn’t even Get Brexit Done, as the arguments and fudges continue…

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They’re all as bad as eachother I reckon. Shoot the lot of them


I know it’s fashionable to knock Boris and Tories generally, but in my book he does have a lot of goodwill in the bank.

He got Brexit done - well, as well as it could ever get done given the EU’s determination to punish anyone with the temerity to leave the club.

UK’s pandemic vaccine role out was world class.

UK’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been world leading.

Having said that, I think it is time to go. While I think Boris is the kind of leader who is probably great in a crisis, I don’t think he’s the right person to be dealing with the day-to-day running of a country. While I don’t view any of his ‘crimes’ as being very serious, I do think they demonstrate poor judgement or simple lack of attention to what is going on around him.

I do think he was the right person for the job at the time, but that time has passed.


For once I don’t believe it’s a media hatchet job, yes most politicians bullshit but it’s the total disregard for the public sticks out. The nhs staff amongst many, worked all through the pandemic and now they are shutting down long term sick pay for those suffering from long covid, and that’s just one example.

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In my eyes, only the roll out of the vaccination (and getting the vaccination itself) and the way we support the people of Ukraine :ukraine: are worthy of remembering.
As for the rest/lies? More than enough for him to go ages ago.

I don’t credit Boris with anything to do with the Vaccine tbh.

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People in glass house should never throw stones. I’m just saying.

They ditched Churchill (Boris’s hero) straight after the war and that saw in the Labour Attlee government in, probably the finest government this country has ever had.

I think that just about covered it. :joy:



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Can’t say i’ll miss him

The origin of above story. I found today

And the tweet that started it off.

Yes really. I’m not defending all the things he’s done. I’m not defending all his lies. He’s definitely been on the end of a long and sustained media attack. The media are lowest of the low too, along with politicians and the privileged classes. I’d burn the lot.

Which ones, the Tory media, the left wing media or just the ones that disagree with you?