Pony Express - Waggons Roll!?

Hi all…

Andypandy and I are curious to try an experiment…it does entirely rely on the very good will of the wonderful people on this forum however; so it is a bit of a cheek (for my benefit, initially, but maybe all of us eventually?); but hey “if you don’t ask…” etc…

And who knows, we may even be able to establish something really useful?

The Scenario…
Have you ever found yourself perusing the classified ads, only to find “that perfect thing, at the perfect price” only to find it is miles away and they won’t post…? How frustrating - agreed?

The Solution…
Well; could you just imagine if we had our very own “Pony Express”? A network of forum members, spread across the country (and beyond?), willing to collect a package from “A” and hand it over at “B” and then onwards to “C” etc? Could this work…? Could an item from one area of the country work its way to another, all at the goodwill of forum members?

The Experiment…
I am in Abingdon, just south of Oxford. I have found “the perfect” Givi rack and plate…in Bury - Greater Manchester; but the seller will not post. Andypandy has offered to collect the item (it is already paid for, by me, so it is literally collection only); and he can then get it moved to the next pick up point in or near Shaw, Oldham near J21 M62… Is then someone else able to get it onwards, southbound? There is no immediate timescale on this…I mean, not “weeks and weeks” at least…but a few days, or a week or two is a rough idea? But of course, entirely at the discretion of the ponies!

Of course, this is an entirely reciprocal arrangement, and is certainly credit in the favour bank*.

*I am a big believer in The Favour Bank

What do you reckon gang…can we do this? ! :cowboy_hat_face:

Post in this thread if you think you could help!

Waggons Rollllll!!


So tomorrow I hope to be picking the “stuff” up (just waiting for the nod). So it should be at my house by 6.11.22 around early afternoon. I’m in OL2 but can travel a little way with the “stuff”. I’m also about 1.5 miles from M62 J21.


Sounds like it is doable, good luck with the experiment.

Sounds good! I can’t help out but for future reference I’m willing to collect ‘stuff’ in Northern Ireland should the need arise. South Antrim, North Down area.

Consider yourself nodded Andy!!


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It’s a good idea. I hope it’ll get the numbers to work. Im certainly willing to saddle up.

A couple of thoughts - we could set up a Pony Express group for couriers. It would be a way to send messages to everyone in the group as a collective and they would get a notification specifically, so no losing sight of thread posts. Other forum members who are unable to courier could also potentially be helped out by sending a PM or otherwise mentioning (for example) @PonyExpress.
Also, it’s easy enough to put oons in a Google map marking where the pick up points (members) are with a note against the pin to say who it is and what area they are covering.


If next week goes to plan l’m working in Faringdon next Friday. Near enough to @DanielB l would have thought. Just got to close the gap from OL2 to Mansfield. Prob working in Buxton Tuesday or Wednesday…

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Interesting; we’re nowhere near the geographical area required this time but open to it in the future (as long as I know what I am couriering and it doesn’t require a burner phone :rofl:).

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What mrs visor said

How exciting, already!!

Yes, Faringdon is absolutley perfect!

So…the current gap is between OL2 (near Oldham), to Buxton… :innocent:

Bugger, if it was biking weather i’d likely be going to Yondermans for brekkie.

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Just to mention…as I have realised it may be unclear…

Item is a pannier rear rack (and plate)…so awkward, but not too bad? With some bungies (or a car)!

not this, but very similar…

These all sound like excellent ideas @Octoberon :innocent:

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Couldn’t someone collect it and then post it to the buyer?
I’d certainly be willing to do that for someone.
Northants area btw.


Morning @ducatitotriumph originally that’s what Andypandy and I discussed, and is certainly another way of doing things. However it soon developed into an experiment opportunity for The Pony Express!

Going forwards, if this were to take off, or even just be a distinctly marginal enterprise, I’d be happy to either collect and move on, or, as you say, collect and post. :grin:


I’m more than happy to sign up to the concept - which, by the way, I wholeheartedly support - but, I’d have to admit to a couple of caveats/conditions that would need to be acceptable.

First and foremost, I’m a dedicated, dyed in the wool and totally unashamed fair weather ONLY rider! My bikes don’t see daylight if there’s any precipitation in the air or dampness/muck/salt on the roads. Sad but true. I do have a hack but it isn’t currently roadworthy.

Second, despite being a retard … no, wait, sorry - I meant despite being retired I do have some part time work and an endless list of house maintenance and repair tasks that will always take priority, so I would prefer not to be under any time constraints for a particular collection/delivery exercise.

On the positive side, my occasional, part time work as a vehicle delivery driver does mean that I sometimes undertake long distance drives and there may even be the odd opportunity to divert from the return route (not the outbound as it’s usually a prescheduled time basis) by a small amount to collect or deliver small items. Obviously, if I’m in a new, or even secondhand, vehicle I’m not going to be wanting to pick up, say, a dirty, oily box of assorted motorcycle parts but small, clean, wrapped items should be OK.

Notwithstanding all that, I drive an ancient dual fuel (LPG) car so my fuel costs are, generally, lower than even diesel so I don’t mind a ‘pick up and post’ task within a, say, 20 mile radius of WELLINGTON, Somerset.

Deal? :wink:


Anything l can get in The Tank, l’ll transport. Other than Albanian males…

Albanian females eligible.

The ones without beards, at least :grin:

Ok then all, I’ll volunteer for Northamptonshire. :ok_hand:

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