Poorly Ducati

One the way back from a weekend away with the Curvy Riders, Rachel’s Ducati Streetfighter 848 lost power as she exited a roundabout, and the engine died. It’s in my garage now but I’m no mechanic, so wondering what the collective wisdom may be on possible causes.

The bike is very reluctant to start and only runs for a few seconds when it does fire up. It’s like fuel starvation but I can hear petrol sloshing aournd the tank. I will top it up this week, just to be sure.

Could it be a blocked filter, or a failed sensor, perhaps? There are no warning lights or other messages showing.

That old saying “carb issues are mostly electrical” applies me thinks. I’ve no Duke experience whatsoever but that’s what it sounds like to me. Best of luck…

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What sort of electrical problem might cause the engine to run for a few seconds then die away?

I had a similar problem with my Thunderbird, could it be an ignition pick up sensor. Hope you’ll get it sorted soon.

Fuel pump.

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Yep, I’d go fuel pump too, check the fuses and their connections…


Presumably if the pump has failed there’s still some fuel able to get in via gravity, and that explains why it starts then dies?


:frowning: best of luck sorting it

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Pumps can gradually fail too.

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Check the fuel tank breather and drain holes aren’t blocked too.


As above really, does sound like a fuel issue. Try and run it with the tank cap off to see if there’s a vacuum? Pinched hose possibly?


Hi Saul is the bike still under warranty?

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I don’t think so but I’ll check. I’m not sure what it came with.

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Coil and or injector pump relay are apparently a common problem, also ride by wire throttle. Phoned a friend.


Try that easy start spray stuff into the air intake and try and start the bike? If it runs ok, as @PatW says!


Any joy with this?

Not yet. It may be going in to Manchester to have the desmo service at the same time so I haven’t looked at it myself. They’ll pick up the bike as well (about 30 miles).


Cmon, dust them spanners (and multimeter) off and have a go.

That way madness lies…

Oh alright then. If I make it worse and she kills be I will be back to haunt you all.

I’d happily come up and try to help Saul, but l’m up to the tits trying to earn well this month before my month off in September. Like the dentist said to my wife last week, is October any good? :smiley::smirk: