Proposed Change To Road Tax

Pay-per-mile proposed to replace roadtax

As the title says… Not everyone has a choice for how far they have to drive, and now theyre going to punish you for it, they’ve suggested even charging a higher rate for driving during rush hour (like we have a choice)

Well it’s the government driving the change to electric cars etc. Perhaps they should have thought about the fall in tax paid on petrol and diesel. Instead of blindly rushing us all into battery cars. That would have required planing and forethought though wouldn’t it? Not something politicians are renowned for.

They only give a shit about the next five years, the lifetime of the parliament, they should make it at least 10 years so they would have to plan with more forethought and hopefully would make voters REALLY THINK about who, why and what they’re actually voting for.they

What about charging the wealthy who run these bloody electric cars?

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What about free tax on old vehicles I wonder?

How exactly are they going to know how many miles I’ve ridden/driven, I wonder? Does this mean we will be tracked everywhere we go? I can’t see them fitting cameras to every country lane in Britain. Are we going to be tracked everywhere we go? I don’t like where this is headed…


Just shows what a load of lying bastards they are as at the moment it’s all based on emissions to supposedly save the planet and because they’ve cocked up all of a sudden they want to charge by the mile, irrespective of how much that vehicle pollutes the atmosphere.
So in reality it really is just about raising revenue, emissions based charges was just a smokescreen to squeeze as much as possible out of everyone as the low VED rates for ice vehicles have all but disappeared.

Mot records

If we are tracked that closely then, how long will it be till they do you for speeding via satellite to? Im tracked by my work atm and the details collected are exact and impressively varied, route tracking, speed, acceleration, handling, fuel consumption. and so collecting/enforcing regulation infringement data would be inevitable.

Sorry to say that, because so many of the issues brought while debating most subjects, have various objectives, side issues, possible outcomes, effecting various groups in different ways .
I believe that “The 'Powers’That Be” simply use revenue or monetary benefits as a easy compass when decision making.

Twas ever thus…

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Won’t work for new vehicles less than 3 years old.

It’s all a powerful incentive for hanging on to old vehicles for as long as possible. Motorbikes, especially those with carburettors, can be kept going pretty much indefinitely. Cars and vans have a life expectancy ultimately limited by the rust bug, but even they will last a surprisigly long time if looked after. And make do and mend is better for the planet than new manufacture.


I agree to a point but i have a 2013 T100 that some parts are already not being stocked/out of stock, what then? One (not all) of the reasons I sold my Laverda was the parts availability, theyre certainly not making anymore and i waited months for 2nd hand parts that were faulty/didn’t fit. It’s a real concern that obsolescence is speeding up.

Probably too new, Pat. I’ve had no problem with spares when doing rebuilds of my two old 'uns (1949 and 1979).

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Probably because they produced 1000 x greater volumes at the time + spares and there have been years to build up pattern businesses. My Laverda was 79 model 80 plate and was an absolute nightmare

New cars already have all the necessary to record mileage/where you go. There is a phone app that links to my car, quite useful for me, but also means Land Rover know exactly where I’ve been/average speed/mpg etc.
And probably more I don’t know about or have access to…

Lane Assist, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Speed Limiter…
They’re all switch off-able at present, won’t be much longer, don’t you love the EU. :slightly_smiling_face:

Would that be the EU that we don’t belong to…?

No, it’s the EU we haven’t fully escaped from. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Probably too few Laverdas sold here to have much spares back up. Meriden Triumphs, BSAs and Nortons are all still pretty well catered for (because they were common) , as are Velocettes, Vincents, BMWs and Guzzis (because they have enough enthusiasts keen to keep them going). When I restored my Vincent Rapide, all parts were (and are) available, thanks to the Owners’ Club spares scheme.

All are blissfully unlikely to be the subject of electronic surveillance: when your electrics consist of a Lucas magneto and a Miller dynamo, it would be difficult for government snoopers to get a handle on you…