Rimtek - Bradford

Not recommended!

I need a (car) wheel straightened and was suggested Rimtek by the people who are refurbing some alloys for me.

Yesterday I called and told then I was coming and to let me know if there was any problem. No answer so just left a message. I’d spoken to them before anyway.

Turned up at 7:30 this morning for an early start. It’s a two hour round trip. They officially open at 8am but the chap said he was usually there half-an-hour early and they work on a first-come-first-served basis.

At 8:15am I called to find out why no one has arrived. More voicemail. By 8:30am I’d had enough and left. I still haven’t had any of my calls returned.

I won’t be going back and I’ll also be informing the refurb company what I think of their ‘recommendation’.

How much is the refurb? Our bongo camper wheels are flaking badly was thinking of getting them done.

The wheels are diamond cut so it’s £140 per.

Jesus christ! I can get new ones for that…probably…almost :roll_eyes:

Hehe, I can’t! :slight_smile: If you have normal wheels that just need tarting up I’m sure it’s much cheaper.

Well they’re alloys, but not particularly fancy, I’ll probably get them blasted and paint them m’self.

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