Transalloy Wheels - Birstall

After the shenanigans at Rimtek I needed someone to sort out a wheel, pronto. One place I contacted early afternoon, who say they call back within an hour, didn’t phone me until the next day. The other place I never heard from at all.

In the meantime I called Trans Alloy Wheels and spoke to someone straight away. As expected, they said ‘bring the wheel over’, which I did.
The chap from the workshop was polite, pleasant and helpful - always a promising start - and, after putting the wheel on one of those balancing machines, showed me and explained the damage was, and what they could do. He was also upfront about risks of an imperfect alignment or the wheel cracking. I always appreciate a transparent conversation that isn’t just about covering their backsides. I gave them the nod and left the wheel with them for a couple of days.

I’m pleased to say I picked up my straight wheel yesterday, the diamond cutting has removed the scuffs, it’s all polished up and looking like new.

You never know quite how it will go with these places but I’d use Trans Alloy Wheels again.


Trans Alloy? Were they steel before? Asking for a friend…

Pleased you got it sorted Saul.