Scotland Naked 24

So here I am. Waiting to dry.
First night of my 6 night tour of Scotland.
Guess who forgot to bring a towel. Left home at 9 and headed down to Braemar, met this guy there. The followed him down to Linn o Dee, Pitlochery Blairgowrie St Andrews and on to Anstruther.

More later, tea time.


When you say “more”… :laughing:


linn o Dee is a beautiful little dead end just through Braemar, a real jewel.
For anyone who’s been to Pitlochery how’s nice is the main street on a sunny day.

Down and through Blairgowrie and on over the back roads to Achterarder and a statue to a hero musical of mine Jimmy Shand

St Andrews next and quick walk around the main streets

Visited Dunino Glen, a magical pagan Glen were worship and ritual have taken place for a very long time, just behind the Kirk and down some painstakingly carved stone steps, to see figures and symbols carved in the rock, and gifts left.

Finally Anstruther home for tonight, and world famous Fish and Chips. Cheers.


So more pics of day today

Falls of dochart.

Sma Glen.

Traffic light
At Rest and Be Thankful

Drovers Inn.


Desperate for petrol when I got here. Thinking of buying some tubing to " borrow" some from the BMW.if required.

Many, many fantastic views I should have stopped and took pictures of. I didn’t. You all know why. Just riding.


Great pics James. Love sma glen, which I drove at Dougie’s recommendation. Fantastic to see him in your pics (and in one piece!). :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (the mrs. says kisses for Dougie :rage:) :joy:

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Good to see Dougie riding with you James. Say hi from me, it has been a long time since we did Scotland :grinning:


Passing on greetings to Doug, from you all. And sending my thoughts to Andy Pandy, please Steve.


Lots of pics today, rained hard and for 1/2 the day, then lots of dry bits and some genuinely fantastic little finds.
The Glenelg Valley and ferry were enchanting, and Saint Connors Kirk outside Oban was simply the most beautiful church I have been in. Superlatives abound for the roads and the company. Bunkhouse last night was fine. This one in Portree for tonight and tomorrow looks brand new and the staff are kind,funny, efficient. Here’s your pics for today.
Use the ferry and ride the roads people.


Stuff of dreams, James!

Found fuel for £1.70 yesterday. And a big black Merc overtaking as I approached it nearly turned those dreams. Oh well, as they say.

Anyone know what to use for for cleaning these pipes, when I get home?


Autosol plus 10 characters


Maas (better, IMHO, than Autosol)

MAAS Polish UK

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So around Isle of Skye, today.


Never heard of it. I know autosol is pretty much industry standard and I found it very easy to get good results with. Must keep an eye out for some.

Hit and miss weather wise. Hard rain the strong sun, fluctuating all over the island mist and rain ,5 miles along blue sky and totally dry.

Quiraing range, then Eig ( very top) then over to Dunvegan Castle for coffee.
I am a little jumpy about fuel, it being a quirk of Yamaha’s fuel sensor on the MT to show full till 1/2 then count down from there.

I wanted to go to Neist Point Lighthouse so we headed down a single track, camper van convey route.
You have to walk a fair bit to the lighthouse down steeply then up then all to do on the return. So we wimped out and headed for the view point were I managed to land on me arse in the bog grass.
Made it back along the 9 mile campervan assault course the got caught in more rain.
Cos we are staying 2 nights in the same place it seemed silly not to take the rest of the day off.
Good day.
I’m off for a nap before tea.

Might have uploaded some of these before will tidyup later.



Looking good lads! Anything like here today, we had a massive hail shower between lovely sunshine!

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More great pictures James. Been warm and sunny spells here in Cheshire :grinning:

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Hard rain at times no hail.