Second Horn Within Two Weeks

Horn wasn’t working so I took it off, and tested it against a battery, away from bike.
So got another, worked fine lasted a couple of days now its not working.
Its sat next to the engine and was pretty hot actually, would this be an issue, or any other ideas, please?

If it’s in the factory position in front of the radiator then heat shouldn’t be a problem, but it does catch the wet and crap in bad weather. I would suggest perhaps getting a “known” manufacturer eg Hella or similar.
If you fancy making a little project out of it, I managed to squeeze a pair of regular car horns in the space behind the engine/above gearbox. Now sounds like a proper vehicle, not a kids moped. :laughing:
Always hated the look of the afterthought stock position and embarrassing sound.
See half way down one of my old posts.