Suzuki 250/4 restoration

And for summat different!!
I’ve had this 9 1/2 years and I thought I might do something with it now!

It needs a full overhaul and it’s never run as yet as it lacked a cdi unit.


Cracking bike back in the day. It will be a great restoration project :slightly_smiling_face:
Keep us posted and on progress.

Always liked the Katana. Nice project!

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Blimey. Don’t tell Rachel. She’s a big fan of the Katana. :smile:

It’s a 1991/2 jap import. The cutest little thing they did. The 400 has the correct’style’ wheels where the 250 never did. Although it’s roots are 1981 it’s very 1990s sporty handling.


Never seen a 250 version but it’s very cute :heart_eyes:

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Never knew there was such a thing. Just looked at a 1992 write up in Bike…

…and there were only 2 in the country then. I assume DVLA ‘what’s left on the road’ will know how many there are now. But probably still quite rare.

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wow a Katana ! Stylish

Mine never been registered as yet so stick another one on the pile. Redline is …………… 16,000 rpm so hide behind a tree when goes bang!!


How very impulsive of you Eric

Will it be an easy thing to register it? Can’t say I ever liked the bigger brothers, but that looks de doggys doo dahhs

It’s got a nova certificate as all import duties paid. Just needs a mot on the frame number then ins then ready to get a reg number although I’ve never needed to do anything like that.

Pourquoi ? Is it going to be a lounge lizard

It should be as it’s a pet

Yeah, but ask him how much he paid for it. :wink: :grin:

Knowing Eric he paid 3/5 of fcuk all :wink:

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You know what I like about you Ade? You know me well, you’re dead RIGHT!

Absolutely nothing?

Most parts from the GSX250 fit, as well as the CDI unit, BAT motorcycles imported 4 as I understand it, my son bought one as his first bike, he sold it to a lovely female rider from Scotland, it was featured in MCN going back some time, I have some photos that I will dig out and upload when I get time. They are really high revving and scream along and it is very fast for a 250. The bodywork is hard to locate these days, but can be had with some searching, my sons machine only had 4,000 km on it and was really mint. The build quality is superb as they were built in a separate factory to the main Suzuki plant. Good luck with the restoration


Which GSX exactly? Ones a twin.