T140e 1980

This whole thread - like all your work - has been an amazing, impressive labour of love!

Where’s the “unbounded envy” emoji?


Splash of petrol and…

Nope sorry, video uploads don’t work any more. oh well the 3sec one above will have to do ya. :slightly_smiling_face:
The video upload model needs updating I think (whatever that is)

…I’ll improvise - brm, brm, brm, brm, brrrrrrrrrrrm, brm…etc

Video is working but is on a free tier that severely restricts the number of uploads. I’ve been waiting for the limit to be reached before subscribing.

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Nothing extra to see really, just exactly the same as the one above but a bit longer (I’ll blame @DCS222 for requesting it)

He’s always causing trouble, that one. :laughing:

When I ran this up to temp. the other day I saw that the right hand cylinder was a bit smokey. Not too concerning on a rebuild as rings need to be bedded in but strange it was worse on one side.
I also noticed that the right side was running hotter than the left by the zorst colouring up more on that side. Hmmmmm…
So, off with the carbs and found that the Wassels main needles weren’t exactly a pair. So, a new matching pair installed.

As I had the carbs off, I thought I’d just have a look a bit deeper so off with it’s head.

And out with the valves

Just to check that all was well with seating and guides. All looks good.
However, remember this stuff I used to stop the alluminium welding itself to the steel bolts…

Well, it had stuck the bolts into the head and was a right git to get the head off.

It had actually gone hard like locktight. I’m glad I didn’t put it on the threads.
Took me ages to clean everything up and get it all off.

Sounded like a good idea at the time. It was expensive as well I seem to remember. It’ll be confined to the bin I think…over… :neutral_face:


It’s kind of reassuring to learn that even wizards make mistakes… :joy:

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Excellent @Iron just had a good catch up, great to see she is alive and looking wonderful!

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