T140e exhaust leakage

Hi all,

Latest issue is leaking around the exhaust where it pushes into the block. Worse on LHS, This seems to be an issue with Bonnies - the best solution seems to be the kit from Shropshire Classic Motorcycles https://triumphbonneville.com/product/t140-push-in-exhaust-seal-kit/ but this is a. a fair bit of work and b. expensive. Does anyone have any experience using sealant for this issue?

Plain old silicone as it’s fireproof cos I know cos I tried burning it with acetylene!!

Cheers, tempting first bash anyway. So you’re the other one with the R nine T!

I use this stuff

or, if they are rattling loose then this works and prevents them pulling out if you haven’t got a balancing pipe


that looks like the stuff cheers

Thought I was the only one currently with one, who’s the other?

Keep up, Eric. :laughing:



@Gasman if that’s a workhorse then you’ll need one of my ‘proper’ luggage frame systems!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ah, I like it naked!

That stuff’s arrived - looks great thanks. I’ve got a balancing pipe so that will hopefully do it.

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Ze Germans are comming boys :rofl:

“Ze Germans are comming boys… :rofl: