TDM 900 out and about

Well I’m happy enough! :grin:


Heresy! Burn the witch!

Nice bike.

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Cheers (it’s a 900, but you probably wouldn’t know that) :rofl:

I can’t type properly, and you probably know that. It’s even written on the bike. :man_facepalming:

Ooh, just noticed a healthy supply of face based emotion indicators too!

There’s hundred of the litte buggers.

I had a TDM 900, and it was a great bike to ride, with a brilliant engine, really smooth at high speed, although I could never love its looks. Year by year it grew taller and heavier, though, and I replaced it with my present Street Twin. It’s also a great bike to ride, and looks good as well.


My biggest issue with it at the moment is the height for my Mrs. Having MS means it’s a very difficult Mount for her. :confused:

Sorry to hear that. Congratulations to her for still being willing to give it a go. You’ll have to get something with a seat nearer the ground, like I did. In my case it wasn’t MS, just advancing age!

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Nearest I’ve got to the tdm is my TRX. I just love the engine sound and character. But it’s partly in bits


They have quite a following… meant to be great handling machines. Love the frame too (hints of Ducati)

The only downside I’ve found is that the front end feels soggy. I once knew someone who raced them and he said just ditch the forks in exchange for usd ones and it’s totally transformed bike.

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My TDM handled very well on new tyres, but less so as the rear one wore and squared off.


I notice the TRX never followed the 180/17 fashion but had 160/17 instead. It still looked a wide tyre although dunno why

Slim bike :smile:

There’s a Black one up for sale in my local dealers… but I’m gonna have to replace my helmet and rain gear this year… so a “spare bike” is out! :joy:

Nice evening, bit o’ spannering needs shake down… so wandered off to Coniston water


I do like the yellow paint job on your bike.

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I like the bike and that colour - it’s about time Triumph brought it back for some of their models.


I agree, there is something about yellow on bikes that stirs my inner self.


Doing a teaching session in Lancaster today… so came home the coastal route.




And a glorious day for riding it was