Tempted by a 1050 GT

Popped in to Completely Motorbikes in Hinckley today on the way back from a nose around the Triumph factory exhibit.

Saw this red rascal and am sorely tempted. 2014, 11,300 miles. Five-and-a-half grand.


I don’t have a bike suitable for touring (though Nick Sanders may disagree) and at the moment it’s a toss-up between a Tiger 900 and perhaps one of these.

The Trophy is too portly and the 1200 Tigers feel unwieldy. I don’t know much about the Sprint - some reading to do.


I had one and loved it. great bike, handling, 1050 engine with longer gearing than the Speed so not quite so aggressive. Comfortable in the legs, bum, and arms (I’m 5’11") a beautiful bike to look at, except from the front imo. Its long wheelbase make it slightly more of an ‘A’ roader.

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I think I may be more of a sports-tourer person than an adventure bike one. I’m also 5’11” and it did seem comfortable when I jumped on that Sprint.


It’s a great looking bike, a lovely colour and looks in really good nick. It’s probably also about half the price of a similarly specced used Tiger 900.

What do they weigh? My main concern with bikes like these is not how they feel on the road, but how easy is it move it around in a gravel car park when fully loaded. My Tiger 900 is on the margins for me in this regard, so anything significantly heavier would be a problem!

265KG wet.

This months Ride magazine has an article on used Sprint 1050s.
Highly rated as a bike and an absolute bargain.


That is quite hefty. My Multistrada was 235Kg, I think. Just have to be careful, or get back down the gym. :smile:

I think my Tiger 900 is about 220kg wet and you’ll add about 30kg if you fully load it with two panniers and a top box.

That 265kg for the 1050 is probably without luggage.

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I really fancy an old ST, as a hack (more bikes!), the GT is longer.

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I fancied one a couple of years back so did some reading around and the only things that seemed to come up regularly as problems are the stator/rectifier/regulator as I recall. Pretty same that keeps cropping up on the sprint version. I decided the riding position was a bit too much on the sporty side for my body, other than that I thought they were a great option.
Oh yeah, and they never had the plastic fuel tanks of the sprint, good old metal.

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Brilliant bike for touring. I had the ST which Is the only bike I regret selling.

I know we’re all a bit biased around here when it comes to Triumphs but there does seem to be a lot of positivity about the Sprint. I need to grab a copy of Ride but in the meantime I’ve had a look at the MCN reviews, which also seems largely positive.

This is the full SP for the one I looked at:

First Registered 20th September 2014 With 1 Private Owner And Only 11374 Miles From New. Service History With 3 Stamps In The Book At 534, 3823 + 7508. A Stunning Example Finished In Metallic Red That Comes Equipped With Full Triumph Luggage, R+G Crash Bungs, Heated Grips, Touring Screen, Scorpion Exhaust + ABS. We Have All Owners Manuals, Stamped Service Book, 2 Keys + HPI Certificate.

I had a quick look at what’s for sale on MCN. The only 2014 bike has an extra 7.5k miles and is £600 cheaper. The £5,495 ticket doesn’t seem far of as far as I can tell.

Only three services in nine years would be a bit off putting.

I had 2008 Sprint ST 1050 for 5 years, very fond memories of many thousands of miles. Made the mistake of believing the hype of a new Multistrada, big mistake.

I called about the service history. Judging by the overall clean state of the bike I suspect it’s hardly been ridden in the last few years and the previous owner didn’t bother with the annual schedule. The last one would’ve been to 6k service at 7000 miles. Late but not the end of the world.

Anyway, they’ll do a 12k service and send it out with a new month MoT. I’ve put a deposit down.


Happy New Bike Day.

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I downloaded a copy of Ride. As I understand it the rectifier was sorted for the GT. I will have a good look at the suspension and see what the ride is like.

Happy new bike! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:t2:
There’s actually quite a few changes on the GT from the older ST, less Sport - more Touring.
A longer swing arm, bigger panniers and top box, perhap a bit more pillion room. Not that there was a problem with the ST, we managed as far afield as Croatia on ours.
Sad the GT lost the under-seat exhaust in the name of practicality, I loved my TOR exhaust and map which improved the off throttle pickup (looked and sounded rather nice too).

I’ve said before, I do wish Triumph would make a Sport Tourer based on the current 1200 Speed Triple, we’re not all sold on the “Adventure” fad.


That under-seat exhaust does look cool. There’s a Skorpion on this one.

I’ve got the MV for Sunday scratching and the GT for proper touring. The Street Triple sits nicely in the middle. It means I can take the Street off the road to sort it out, as well.

I had the Multistrada but somehow the adventure bikes just don’t get me that excited.