Things that yank your chain

We’re always getting told use public transport, ease congestion, just as convenient…we have a work trip to France leaving today, booked train tickets to the airport rather than hire cars…with one and a half hours to train departure time…all trains to Birmingham are cancelled :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:

It’ll be the wrong type of leaves on the tracks. :roll_eyes:

It’s probably too hot for the trains to run :-1: whatever the reason, it’s another example that you can’t ever rely on public transport.

Still, at least it saves you travelling all the way to the airport to discover that your flight is cancelled!

They warned potential warped rails at the weekend, on the bright side, you probably avoided certain death in a french forest fire or more likely botulinum poisoning from a Network rail sausage roll.

Did you get to the airport on time or miss your flight?

heading to Angouleme again?

Trains do not like hot temperatures.

Found an alternative method and made it to the airport…turns out there was no rush as the flight was delayed by 2 hours :rofl: :rofl:


Yes mate, it’s a rough time in Angouleme but I’m embracing the cafe culture :beers: :wine_glass: :sunglasses:


So called “Adventure bike” riders dressed up like Master sergeant from Halo, panniers large enough to accommodate a family of fleeing refugees, trickling line astern through the village stood on the pegs as if they’re wading through a primordial swamp when you know they only live 20 miles away and they’re heading for the local biker cafe/stop/place to be seen. Wassat about? :roll_eyes: