Too Hot ………

I was thinking of going to World Superbike at Donington this weekend. Not with the 32 ( in the shade…!) weather forecast.
What is too hot for you ?


I never moan about the heat, I hate the cold. I won’t however go out on the bike if it’s 30+ as it’s too unpleasant with all the gear on.

Quite happy to sit in a shady spot in the garden though with a chilled glass of wine and a good book :sunglasses:


@NealH , my plan too …!
May just tune in to watch the racing on TV . May even pop out for an early breakfast run but won’t be out in the heat of the day. Black leathers in this heat … No Way.
Can remember being caught in Holland on the way to the Dutch TT , accident on the A28 going North and they diverted all of the traffic through the small villages. Of course no room to filter and the heat off the engines and cars AC systems made it unbearable. I felt like I was being microwave heated …

Next weekend with us :slight_smile:
Sat 31°
Sunday 33°
Monday 37°

It’s gonna be a warm’un.


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I don’t envy you. Forecast for next few days here on the Solway coast is not more than a comfortable 20. Yesterday was 22, which is quite hot enough for me.

Unusually hot here in Cheshire as well. Just been out and cut the grass before it gets to hot. Need a shower to cool down even though made an early start.
Yep don’t mind the heat during the day, it is the nights when the temperatures don’t drop below the high teens that gets me.

…our overnight temp is around 24. Wife is pretty mutton jeff so has this aero engine sized fan going, my sleep is utterly fecked :confused:

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Got a trackday on Saturday at RAF Odiham.
Standing around in full leathers in the middle of an open airfield with no shade and +30c predicted. :hot_face:
I’ll prep for it but make a decision on Friday I think…


Plenty of talcum powder before you put the leathers on :rofl:

I can just see it. @tcbandituk pulls into the pits and someone following him rushes to find him…” hey mate your bike is smoking badly but it smells really nice “
No mate….it’s just me talcum powder leaking …!

I hate to disappoint but I have a one piece under suit that I use rather than talc :grin:

Reminds me, I did get an odd look from a cleaner in the hotel in Spain when I was doing trackdays out there one time.
She’d seen my one piece under suit hanging in the bathroom drying out after I’d washed a days sweat out of it, I don’t think she considered it ‘normal’ wear for 30c temps… :grinning:


It has to be very hot to be too hot for me, although heavy traffic today on the way back from work on my bike wasn’t very pleasant!!


A word to the wise-please take the upcoming hot spell seriously. My wife took ill the other day despite not really being in the sun. Difficult to bloody breathe out here, we cancelled staying overnight in Logroño, they’re expecting 40+ tomorrow. Up early and drive direct to the ferry for us. Stay cool, all! :slightly_smiling_face::sunglasses:


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Everyone will have to speak for themselves. Me, I’ve decided to change my ways and become an all-around nice and pleasant person. This heatwave has thoroughly convinced me that I can’t go to hell.

Did you mean Hull?

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Same thing…

It doesn’t matter what weather we on this island get there will always be someone claiming it’s too cold, hot, wet, dry etc.
Shutting schools calling a national emergency!!! Come on, get a grip. How do other countries that have much hotter, colder, wetter weather manage? I’ll hazard a guess they don’t call National emergencies. What a wimpy, snowflake country we are turning into. It’s embarrassing.


1976 we had 15 conservative days over 32 degrees, so it’s hardly unprecedented.