Triumph Rally

Hello people,
New member from darlington area, recently returned from 10yr break from biking and getting very impatient for some decent weather so i can get out and renew my riding skills (going to get some training at a local bike school)…any recomendations for courses?

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Hi Dreadgrub. Welcome to the forum!

You’ll be a bit rusty after 10 years but if you’re a previously seasoned rider I’m sure the summer miles will bring it back to you. Not that formally brushing up on your skills is ever a bad idea. I hear good things about 121 courses and our own @MrsVisor did some with Rapid Training that she wrote about here.

What bike has brought you back from the dark side?

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Hi Dreadgrub :sunglasses: have a look at these as they’re only in the York area so not too far, might be good for confidence :nerd_face:

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hi pal
2021 900 rally got it early december but obviously havent got out much with this weather hopefully it picks up soon


Welcome to the forum from not too far away Stokesley. :sunglasses:

I’m sure it will all quickly come flooding back when you have the chance to get out on the bike, but a refresher course after a break is always a good idea :+1:

Welcome to the forum.

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Hi and welcome.

Hi and welcome…

Welcome to the forum and back to biking; I think quite a few riding schools do “rusty rider” type days as well as some of the more specialist rider training companies. I would like to do some training with i2i and can highly recommend Rapid Training :+1:.

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