What did you do to your Speed Triple today?

Fitted a sw motech centre stand. Thanks @tcbandituk !
Sure, not everyones bag but definitely practical. Instructions were a nightmare but scratch that noggin and use instincts!
That’s exactly why I had 2 very important spacers left over and had to almost start again…


Looks good, wish I’d fitted it to mine now! :grin:

I just patted its tank and smiled, reflecting on the brilliant bike it is and how much I enjoyed my day out on Sunday…


Took the old gal for a quick blast and to catch a few flies. Haven’t been out for a few weeks, too busy in the garden and realised I gotta get out more on the bike.


Fitted a Givi tank ring ready for trip to Scotland on 6 June :grinning:
Just needs cleaning, oil and chain checking, tyre pressures, tail pack fitting etc etc etc…@ducatitotriumph I posted a question on the Spam site regarding the front strap on a Givi tankbag
I have got the tank ring and a Givi 307 tank bag, I guess you have a similar set up, all fits fine but what do you do with the front strap? Seems a pain to mess with a strap when the lock ring is sturdy, and it looks to me as if it would rub on front of tank. Cheers for any advice



Preparations for Scotland on Monday. Tied up with in laws from tomorrow until Sunday so needed to get things sorted today. All ready apart from socks and undies😂


You put socks and undies on your Triple…?

Nice! You’re going to be grateful for that seat!

Sorted the Tank Nav for the Assen MotoGP trip at the end of June. Also suddenly remembered that we now need a green card / overseas insurance so got in and dealt with that as well.
Very flash Tank Nav this year, it’s colour coordinated to the RS tank colours …


Perfect! :grinning:

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Just got to watch out for the Polizei….they’ve cost us a fortune over there the last few times we’ve been by bike…
The last time we got pulled in by a bike who directed us under a motorway bridge and asked us to remove our helmet once we had stopped. He took one look at us and said “ gentlemen, at your age you should know better” …
Then he just chuckled as he took our money … :oncoming_police_car: :oncoming_police_car:

Old enough to know better. Young enough not to care. :grinning:


You reckon? Probably go with cycling shorts too!:blush:

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I’ve read that the EU has agreed we don’t need green cards anymore, doubt anyone’s bothered telling plod though, so probably wise to carry one anyway (& don’t forget your V5)

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I spoke to my insurers this afternoon and they are sending me one through anyway, they didn’t suggest that it wasn’t needed . The admin changes by the minute….who knows what’s required…

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I don’t think anybody has a bloody clue @Oldskool . I’m waiting until late August to sort out what documents I will need for my trip to Spain.

Left home at 9:00 for our trip to Scotland

Not many pictures as busy riding to Dumbarton as a base for a few days.
Stopped at the Bridge Cafe in Keswick on way up. This was for sale in there.

Highly recommended place
Essential bladder relief in a picturesque place just after a fantastic stretch of the A76​:motorcycle::motorcycle::blush::blush::blush:

Spean Bridge tomorrow :smiling_face:


Perfect and stay safe!
Have a great time!


Definitely need your covid booster jab certificate as its needed to be uploaded (for the tunnel in September) so i assume it is the same for the ferry?