What have you done to your non Triumph today


As “we’ve” been guilty of posting bikey things in the “Today I have mostly been” thread and I don’t want to upset Saul I see there’s something for the Triumph brigade to post in about what they’ve done today with theirs, but nothing for us mere mortals. As the Today I’ve been thread is the most popular thread there’s clearly a demand for this type of thread and among other things it keeps the forum active, which in turn attracts interaction, rather than people pop in only to find it’s as dead as a winter Wednesday afternoon in Wales. You wouldn’t go away with your mates and just talk about bikes all the time and I see the forum as something similar. I don’t know if others feel the same, guess we’ll find out. As a footnote the GS forum I’m on is far bigger and much busier than this one and just about everything is discussed on there. I understand that’s not about bikes as such, but it is what bikers want to talk about. I did look to see if there was an alternative available to post in but can’t find anything… so here goes you riders of other beasts…


A very sensible idea @Littleade :smile:
You should stand for parliament :joy:

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1st post then… It lives

Took it out of the vacbag today, pumped the tyres up and drained the full tank of petrol out of it and put that in the car so I can put some fresh super dooper UL in it.

Started to fit the INNOVV blind spot radar but I’ll create a seperate thread for that as it’s not non Trumpet specific.


You should be on the stage, the next one leaves shortly

Great idea Ade, I don’t have a non Triumph but felt the need to post in support of you. :grinning:

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Cheers Steve you should try one, even our very own less tall @Tigcraft has a non Trumpet :see_no_evil:

I know this is a Triumph forum but if it’s to grow and not go the way of other bike forums where you can almost hear the tumbleweed getting forum members to contribute on a regular basis even if it’s not about Triumphs or bike related is IMO the way to go.

Obviously this needs monitoring to stop it descending towards a facearse type abiss but fortunately we have an active rather than absent site owner to do that.


Good idea. More progress on my non - Triumph’s fairings…


Is the final colour still going to be red?

He’s put the transfers on upside down :rofl:

ADNOH and spelt wrong

Yes, a very nice vibrant red.


No transfers, I’ll have you know. All paint :stuck_out_tongue:.


First bit of the red on; the shade is exactly as I had imagined :heart_eyes:. I have had the damaged nose and side fairings repaired and repainted as well as the better condition ones I sourced. Hopefully won’t be needed but good to have done I think :crossed_fingers:.

UPDATE 11/03/2024:
I am having to edit this post as I have fallen foul of a rule not allowing three consecutive posts on a thread trying to update the progress…

Coming along nicely…I am over the moon with the shade of red and job being done, it just looks better every time I look.


Ordered a dashcam for the S1000XR today.
Took a few fairing panels off to investigate where I can stash the dvr without compromising under-seat storage. Not too difficult removing (if a bit tedious), but what a sod to get all the spring catches to relocate on the top tank cover!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Hopefully there’s a knack to it and it’ll be easier next time, I’ll let you know come installation time. :thinking:


A few more of the fairings…can’t wait to see them finished and on the bike (and then be nervous about riding it in case I scratch it probably :laughing:).



Ooh… that’s REALLY red… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: love it!

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Sounds familiar to my Tiger… :see_no_evil:

So do I, it’s a gorgeous colour :heart_eyes:. I knew you’d come round to seeing the tasteful properties of red Fireblades :laughing:.

Can’t wait to see the finished article all dressed up! :grinning:

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Getting fed up of waiting for a warm day with dry roads and looking at the forcast for the next week that looks like things will remain crap I had a senior moment and took it out on it’s 1st ride. The bike is now dirty so I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow…

First impressions of the RS are a bit mixed.

Obviously with new tyres and crap all over the roads caution was the better part of valor today but I still got a feel for what’s ahead. It’s far easier to manage than the GS was and feels very planted. The suspension isn’t as compliant as the GS was but road mode certainly suited the mostly A roads I went on today. It was a pleasant surprise to get decent feedback from the front end without it being harsh - I could feel the difference in the tarmac surfaces with plenty of feedback letting me know what it was like. (The GS is more a detatched comfortable ride especially over poor uneven surfaces due to the telelever front end that you do get used to in time)

The 1250 engine is a peach for a twin and pulls like a train so I’m going to have to keep an eye on the speed and use a lower gear than I did on the GS especially in the 30s and 40s. 60mph is just over 3,500 revs in 6th so with the running in rev limit at 5000 rpm I’ll need to use the box and keep it in lower gears when varying the load. The gearbox and QS is smoother than the GS was and although the riding position is more “normal” sports tourer than Adventure I didn’t find it uncomfortable.

The main downside so far is the screen, even in the highest position it only protects you as far as your shoulders so a MRA Vario screen looks like the way to go there.

The upside is stopping at a lay by to take the photo below some trucker who was having a break before returning to his depot wanted a chat. On the GS I’d probably been ignored.

No where’s me bucket and sponge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: