What have you done to your non Triumph today

Come on, you can’t leave us in suspense like that. The GS is………… What?

The result of now having a “normal” fork perhaps? :slightly_smiling_face:
I do think the beemer funny front end has it’s advantages especially when loaded with pillion and luggage, but todays electronic semi-active suspension closes that gap.
I reckon if you get an MRA in that same heavy tint you’ll be getting pulled by plod - “just checking if it’s Stevie Wonder riding sir” :laughing:

I feel your pain, seems like it hasn’t stopped raining since Christmas down here in Cornwall, roads are covered in shite, going stir crazy. :tired_face:

The excitement’s building…the fairings are looking good…(the blue is nothing to do with my bike!)


Probably not getting the bike out today then.
Surprise surprise. :roll_eyes:


I know the feeling, that photo could have been taken in my garden, right where I have to use a ramp to manoeuvre the bike in and out :rage::rage:

Ahaaaaa sorry finger twuble az I wuz tipping it on me fone

(The GS is more a detatched comfortable ride especially over poor uneven surfaces due to the telelever front end that you do get used to in time)

Interestingly (or not depending on your POV) The RS suspension in general is less wafty/stiffer than the GS was, I guess due to a combo of shorter suspension travel and upside down forks vs longer travel and the telelever. The GS is more magic carpet than GP, I often looked down at the forks when cracking on down shitty B roads and it was amazing how much they were going up and down while the bike stayed completely stable.

Strangely when I test rode the RS in the past I didn’t like being lower to the ground and amongst the cars rather than being able to see over them, but yesterday I had no such reservations, maybe because it’s such a long time since I’d ridden the GS, rather than back to back. Anyway I’m stuck with it now as I’m not paying 20 odd grand for another GS. Can’t make my mind up about which screen at the mo. The MRA screen should do the job, but I don’t like the looks (on a ditchpump …get a life ffs) so thinking about the Puig touring plus screen. The Wunderlict one looks like it’d do the trick but it’s £170 :see_no_evil:


That pretty much sums it up :laughing:.


Looking good. When are you hoping to have it all back together?

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Those do look nice … after all the hard work is it going to become a garage queen, never to see rain ever again?

Are the blue bits part of some fancy groud anchor?

No, I have it to ride it and so far it seems to bring the rain (or it did all last year :grimacing:)…but I can’t say I won’t feel nervous about scratching it!! Hopefully Mother Nature will appreciate the beautiful paintwork and give us some lovely dry, warm months this year :crossed_fingers:.

They’re parts of a custom Evil Knievel Harley. The artwork on it is amazing.

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It’s going to be polished now so hopefully I’ll have them back soon and then back together very soon afterwards and MOTd. It was serviced when the fairings were removed so all good to go :slightly_smiling_face:.

Today’s instalment…polishing underway…(I have not met Mrs Wobbz but I see her as a very tolerant woman, seeing how many photographs show the house full of works in progress :laughing:).


Fitted a new screen today as the OE one was useless. A cheeky afternoon spin to check if it works and from what I remember it’s similar to what I got on the GS. Even in the low setting with the screen mounted on the lower of 2 sets of holes I could ride without having to fully close my visor and below 40 I could ride with the visor up so very pleased.


How can BMW get it so wrong after all that development time…?
Glad you’ve got it worked out now but shame you have to finish their bike off for them.
Or is just because you are so tall?


Ha ha, there is a clue to your question in his forum name @Littleade :grinning:

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Glad to see that irony isn’t lost on you Steve… :joy:
And you shamed me into cutting my lawn today, Magnolia still not out though…!


I am tall. Taller than @Wessa, taller than @Tigcraft, taller than er umm ahh…

It’s form over function which is unusual for ze Germans. They have it in the “sports” class in their line up which is a bit of a larf but explains why they put a sports screen on it.

Wasn’t going to have another GS ( too fookin expensive)
Wasn’t going to have the R (too fookin naked)
Wasn’t going to have a RT (too fookin huge and expensive)
That leaveth the RS, which with the tubular bars is like a road going sporty little brother of the GS. Less than 100 miles in but it’s growing on me now it’s got a decent screen on it.

Did I mention the OE screen is sh1t?