What have you done to your non Triumph today

Trips to Shobdon for me today and last Wednesday on the Fireblade; a bit showery but nothing too drastic. We all know my Blade and its rain - attracting properties :laughing:. They do a lovely jacket spud :slightly_smiling_face:.


Today I took my Fireblade and Helmut the Multistrada (should have been the Tuono…but that one didn’t start :cry:) and we went to the Forest of Dean for some lovely scenery and then on to Chepstow, Tintern and home via Monmouth.

Our first stop was the Silver Fox cafe for some food and a coffee where we also bumped into an old friend which was lovely. There was also a Triumph (£2800) and a BSA Bantam (£2500) - we asked Malcolm - for sale on the ground floor of the bus…

Our second stop was at The Old Station, Tintern which is always lovely. There was a lady there on a Honda DN01, which is not something you see often.


At least one of the Italians decided to come to life… :joy:

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The optimiser hadn’t been switched on whilst it had been in the garage…I am the one who switches them off as I hate leaving things on when they’re not in use when we’re out riding and Helmut hadn’t switched it back on when he connected the Tuono when last ridden a few weeks ago so it’s my fault really.


Oops…I didn’t realise this thread existed…my bad!

What a great idea for a thread!

I’ll park my “new” Honda here…I’ll get a long stay ticket. :blush:

Photo, for context, for those who haven’t seen…


Today is my last day off before work tomorrow. Helmut and I did 129 miles on the Fireblade and the Tuono; we ended up going to the Aviator Cafe at Staverton with the intention of going on through the Cotswolds for the day. The Tuono had other plans, however, and would not start after we had our coffee; with the phone assistance of Griff from Aprilia Performance it was coaxed into life but we returned home as we didn’t want to risk stopping anywhere else and having a repeat performance :grimacing:.

I then remained on the Fireblade and Helmut swapped the Tuono for the Multistrada and we went to Shobdon Airfield for a late lunch. Not what we had intended to do, but still a good day out in this perfect weather.


How are you keeping cool, out of interest…I find it that particularly awkward balance between “fine when riding”; total too hot anything else!

That’s easy to resolve, just keep riding!

Have you seen her motorcycles? MrsVisor is always cool. :wink:


Yes. Yes I am :laughing:.

In all seriousness @DanielB I am one of those people who absolutely lives for the heat (when I am not at work!!) so possibly not the best person to ask. The only time I am too warm on the bikes is the Blade at low speeds, it’s like sitting on Mars then - the underseat exhaust cooks you, the frame heats up to around 6.8 million celsius (my legs are too short to keep away from the frame, especially at stops) and cooks you and then the fans direct all the hot air onto you to add to the discomfort. Generally I just wear the coolest bike kit I have in hot weather, so my Knox on it’s own or a mesh jacket and steer clear of textiles then just take the jacket off when I stop and bask in the gorgeous heat!!


So that’s two days a year in British summer time…!


Summer has definitely arrived. I took the thermal liner out of my motorcycle jacket for the first time this year yesterday :+1: