What is Next Or Not

This is mine.

Its fantastic. Its also 8 years old, and I’ve owned it for 4 1/2 years.

A big part of me wants to keep it, only its getting on a bit, and a new bike sounds good.
Ideally, I would have updated to a newer model, except, the 4th gear issues have frightened me off, seems to be a lottery, if you get a good one or misery, and repeated reviews of the 1200 state its a track orientated bike.

So where do I go?
I want some, Torque so 130hp +
Comfort for all day use.
No new models, prefer tried and tested.
So much to choose from,

Honda CB1000R.
998cc 143bhp 104Nm @8,250rpm 213kg 830mm 16.2 L

Yamaha MT-10

1160cc|178bhp|125Nm @9,500rpm|198kg|830mm|15.5 L|

BMW S1000R

|Price|Engine|BHP|Torque|Weight|Seat Height|Fuel Cap.|
999cc|162bhp|114Nm @9,250rpm|199kg|830mm|16.5 L|

I really am getting dizzy. The examples are ideas but the criteria is more important. If the Speed never aged I would keep it.
Any ideas reviews or experience of these types of machine would be appreciated.
Apprilla, mmmmm (comfort?)
KTM might be a little nuts for me,
BMW is a lifestyle choice
MT10 has a tiny tank.

And they all have too much tech, but hayho what can you do, you have to go with the flow.
If I keep the Triple till I buy an older bike and work out which one to keep I end up loosing money have to many bikes and possibly selling a bike I just bought.
Staying in my location means a limited amount of test rides and 100 miles round trip to get one.
So any recommendations?


Nice choices!
For me:
mt10. Fuel range is bad. Great engine and newer one, the more gizmos.
Bmw s1000. Pricey. Getting all of the options is going to cost lots.
Honda. Its definitely reliable but the reviews say its pretty boring.


decision decision!
The BMW engine is something, but agree with Simon. Options are pricey, maintenance is pricey.
The Honda is nice apart that over ugly exhaust :grimacing:
Yamaha in between… could be my choice.

The Aprila Tuono V4 roadster is not bad too. Maybe more exclusive.

MT is tempting Honda exhaust is spectacularly ugly , Cheers

The 4th gear problem you mentioned, is that only applicable to QS equipped RS bikes? Is it worth looking for a non QS one?
Speed Twin 1200 or Z900RS maybe?
Upgrading your existing Speedy could be an option. @Col_C has a lovely looking version and @Vulpes older model still looks the business.
Don’t buy the Honda though :astonished:


BMW pricey, I never thought, but your right of course it is, cheers.

I did think about buying a non quickshifter one. Thing is… if you want to sell a dud, you take off the quickshifter. I did think the Honda is a good bike perhaps lower down a list of great bikes but still, not bad.

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I quite like the Honda, although I’ve never ridden one - I think overall it looks good. You also know it will be bullet proof.

I used to be a Yamaha fan boy, having owned an FZ1 Fazer for 11 years which was utterly brilliant and utterly reliable (It literally never went back to the dealer for anything other than routine servicing in all the years I owned it). However, I couldn’t live with the MT-10 looks, no matter how great it may be.

S1000R has never done much for me but I’ve no doubt it’s a fine bike.

I think you’re right to discount the latest Speed Triple 1200. It’s too track focused and way too stiffly sprung to make an effective road bike - it does handle superbly though (on a smooth road!) and is bonkers fast. I swapped mine after 18 months for a Speed Twin 1200 which I’m very happy with. It’s plenty fast enough for the road and the ride quality is night and day better than the Triple 1200. I don’t miss the extra performance of the Triple 1200 - as it’s not usable on the road.

Depending on budget - Ducati Streetfighter V4.


I’m also thinking about adding a newer naked bike to the garage. I’ve been riding more powerful bikes more often than the Speed Triple 675 in the last few years so the ‘smaller’ capacity machines seem to lack a little grunt now. It is just a case of playing with the revs to compensate, I know. And that is part fo the of.fun

I’ve got a test ride booked on Tuesday with a Speed Triple. A new one, obviously. I haven’t heard about the 4th gear problem, probably because I haven’t really looked at the Speedy to buy. I’m just curious to compare it to the Street Triple RS I tried recently.

I’m sure the MT10 and CB1000 are great bikes but they’re not going to get me excited when I open up the garage door.

I’ve ridden the S1000RR and really like it. Probably more than the Panigale, in fact. I haven’t tried the S1000R and Ducati Streetfighter V2 variant yet but they’re on the list along with the Tuono that @Hubaxe mentioned and maybe a KTM Duke 890 R.

I had a go on the Indian FTR last year. Nice bike but not agile enough for me, and I didn’t like the standard suspension much.


It’s the only new machine I can squint at with an eye to making it look ok. I’ve actually sat on one in Fowlers.

5four in St Neots I think, has been playing with them for a few years. Bin the silly numberplate thing, new pipes, seat and strip the paint. They sound pretty good too.


Ive ridden the previous gen Honda cbr-1000 and it was actually a very likeable bike. But KTM rules the roost in this class IMO, it does everything and does it with practicality and comfort. It’s actually not intimidating if you don’t want it to be, very well behaved machine but also very easy to ride fast.

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I will be interested to see where you go with your decision James. 130+bhp is an attractive option, but don’t discount the smaller capacity, less powerful machine choice out there. At the end of the day it depends on what sort of riding you are looking for. Good luck with your search. :grinning:


A lot to be said for lightness! Look at me, I keep going between Street Triples and Superdukes. Had 3 of each now! They are 2 of the best naked bikes about.


You obviously have a soft spot for Suzuki as you’re running the GS750, so have you not considered Suzuki? Something like the GSX S1000GT?

If that’s not of interest, rumour has it that they are about to release a more upright taller version to compete with the BMW s1000XR.


All other suggestions welcome.

Speed Twin 1200 Everyone says only good things, I will have a look.

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Thanks I did look at the Indian, although I do want agile, just to know its there.
The 1200 doesnt have a 4th gear problem it was the newest 1050.
Seems like Im in the same market as you so will be interested in the results of your test rides.

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Is the Tuono all day comfortable?

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Also I have an old (94) Trident 750 and the Suzuki for smaller bikes, so Im good there, cheers.

I was talking to my local bike shop in Elgin last week and I mentioned an Irish man whom goes between the Street and the KTM.
He had finally sold a 19 Street RS (8000miles), that I had been looking at.
What ever I get, I want to keep and dont like, ‘wringing em out’ more of a ’ pour it on ', (gently) type.

He has a 1290 Super Duke R. only its a 15 plate so same again.