What You Been Doing With Your Triumph Today

Putting some more miles on the Tiger. Dry and sunny this afternoon, but the roads are damp and filthy so the bike’s also filthy. Still, it’s an adventure bike so looks good dirty and I gave it a dose of FS365 after its last wash :+1:


Three hours of riding today through sunny countryside with Mrs Mouse on back, including a stop for a pizza lunch which she paid for :smiley:


I fitted scrash protectors to the mrs.’ Striple.


I went out this morning just for a 50 mile local route I like - bit wet, lots of diesel on one section, especially on a humpback bridge not far from the filling station but otherwise pretty good. Just nice to be out on the bike.

I tried out my Knox Jacket for the first time and found it very comfortable, totally windproof and toasty warm - got to a reasonably brisk speed on one section of road and stayed cosy so I am impressed so far :+1:.


I have the sw ones on mine. Pretty substantial bits of kit!

I was surprised at how heavy they are! Solid stuff. Relatively easy to fit, save for the front engine mounts - the bolt attaches to a “non-secured” nut, which is a faff to get at…

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Took the tiger for its MOT. Passed with no issues, so bimbled home. It was cold out today, so decided to get in the warm as quickly as possible. :slightly_smiling_face:


Moved it to clear some unused for years sh1te off of the shelves …
Next project is to fit some sort of doors in front of the shelving to tidy the bike store up a bit . It’s been a winter project on my list and today felt like winter …


Can’t wait until it’s commuting weather again, I have been mostly thinking about my Triumph whilst driving to and from work in the pitch dark / fog / rain etc again this week. Followed a dedicated 28mph - er for much of the way home tonight :rage:.


Your car in the window is looking extremely jealous… :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you know, it was just nice to take the covers off the bike, sit on it and make motorbike noises …! Roll on some good weather …!


After my new visor and pinlock arrived I went for a first ride in the Oxford Mondial suit I bought a couple of months ago, was glad to find it comfy and well fitting :smiley: It’s also very draughtproof thanks to high waist and long jacket back, much better than my waxed cotton kit as well as feeling a lot lighter. Think I’ll still use the old kit for the winter rides and save the Mondial kit for touring (the reason I bought it, something waterproof with vents.)

Speaking of vents, the only annoyance I found on the first ride was the distraction of the bright red detailing on the vent zips on the arms. Must get some black acrylic paint to try and hide that.

I need to test waterproofness before any touring, but may wait for a warmer wet spring day rather than doing it in the winter cold.


Chilly but dry this morning. In fact the roads were bone dry today, the first time in weeks. Hand guards, heated grips and seat make all the difference for a comfortable winter ride :+1:


Road my bike through the Oxford commute.

I really enjoy commuting and urban riding…it feels like it hones useful skills.


Had a very cool (5c) winter ride today with a mate. Don’t think we will have many more days like today before the salt is down.


Commute was f-f-f-ucking freezing this morning…

And that awful mist that’s too stingy for visor up, and too fine for visor down…

Cold spots assesment were: ends of fingers, ankles, and irritatingly through the vents in my helmet on my head!


The salts already down here :slightly_frowning_face: I’ll still go for the odd ride but when you gotta do a thorough wash in the cold after every ride you don’t go often :grimacing:


Bad luck on the salt down Andy. As I said don’t think it will be long before it is here. And yes washing the bike in the cold is no fun :slightly_frowning_face:


Neither is washing it without a hosepipe. No lifting of the ban around here until January at least. Probably longer at this rate. The reservoir up the road is still woefully empty.

There’s an advert/appeal on TV I’ve seen about a kid in Africa with a battered yellow bucket collecting water. You should fly him over, maybe he can fill your reservoir up for you. I’ll donate a shiny new orange bucket from B&Q. :smiley:
I’m sure he’d like a bit of roast beef and yorkshire pudding.