What You Been Doing With Your Triumph Today

That’s a lovely stable :heart_eyes:


A very pretty pair!


A beautiful brace

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They don’t look like pheasants at all! :laughing:

Took a ride out to Snetterton this morning.


Off for work. 120 miles paid for… :grinning:


Worked from home today with a bit of leave taken for an early finish. Checked the Street Triple over and cleaned and lubed the chain ready for Helmut and I to go to Devon in the morning :slightly_smiling_face:.


Good luck with the traffic! I rode up to Birmingham East Triumph to get my 900 serviced this morning, quite a pleasant cross country ride up there. Coming home was horrible on the same route.


I have heard it’s going to be the busiest on the roads since pre - Covid times :slightly_frowning_face:.

Traffic? What’s that? :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can go off people…

Pop in fer a cuppa (or a cold one) if you like!

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Whereabouts are you? (PM if you don’t want it on the open forum!). We’re on a tight schedule to get down there but at the end of the day and for the way back on the Sunday have a good amount of time.

A few miles south and west of WELLINGTON (Somerset) though actually just across the border in Deb’n. So we’d be between jcts 26 & 27 if you’re Southbound ( I feel a Lizzie song coming on … Thin Lizzy - Southbound. Live And Dangerous.. - YouTube ) or between 27 and 26 if you’re northbound. (no Lizzy song for that!)

Sunday would be the better day, actually, thinking about it.

I’ll PM a couple of numbers and a what3words & address to you, just in case. No obligation, and no worries if you can’t make it - and no need to phone or fret over letting me know.

Enjoy your trip - I believe the roads are going to be heaving so take good care.


Thank you so much; we don’t have Sunday worked out yet but it would be nice to meet if we are able.


Pleasure. PM sent.

Safe trip, both! :smiley:

@Octoberon , if you look closely you’ll spot a proper windmill… :rofl:

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All we need now is a field of tulips. :grin:

From Hamster jam?

Smashing, the owls nest is a couple of miles from me but I’ve boycotted it, after a long thirsty ride last year i arrived there 15-20 mins before closing and the owner was chinwagging with a few of his cronies and refused to make me a cuppa so i told him to shove his cafe up his fat arse.

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