Winter in Spring

That is bad luck.

Bad luck for them, Andy. We had a 3 hour delay coming back from Barca yesterday, first due to storms at Schiphol, then fog in Barcelona. Whist being on the plane. Stuck in our seats for 3 hours before we finally took off. Not much fun.


Bugger me, this is bad luck mate. I mean being told the other knee is worse than the one you were having problems with at the start is not good!

Hopefully you can manage a few rides on the Thruxton and they can sort something better out for you. Lets keep our fingers crossed for a good outcome in April :sunglasses:


Cheers Steve, here is hoping.

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One of my colleagues got a new knee a couple of years ago. Said it was, " Better than the original," and had, “no down side”. If that helps?

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Meanwhile in Norway.

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