Yamaha 6000 mile service turned out to be expensive

Well, not strictly true for the service part, but I should have just left the bike and stayed out of the showroom :grimacing:

I have been thinking about getting another bike after selling the CX500, but despite lots of online looking, nothing had really grabbed me.

I guess you know when you know -

It’s a 2008 V7 Classic Mk1, one owner and only 2500 miles so not a hard decision! Always wanted a Guzzi :grinning:


Happy new bike day :grinning: :raised_hands: :sunglasses:


Thanks Andy - you’ve already seen it of course! :joy:

Very exciting - hope it brings you miles of joy!!

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That is a very nice looking bike. Enjoy.

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Great looking bike Steve, enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:

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I do like them! I was very tempted by a V7 racer the time I got the thruxton

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A lovely looking bike, Steve. Guzzis are great: I’m sure you’ll love it.

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You’ll lovatt :wink:


I’ve actually had it over a week now and been busy putting some miles on it. All I’ve done is add tank pads and some (fairly) discreet crash bars. I also removed the rear rack, which i think detracts from the look of the bike.

Top of Sutton Bank coming back from York.

Saltburn the next day.

Leyburn to Catterick road (after breakfast at Manor Farm cafe)


Lovely bike - Is that the Special in that colour scheme?

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Yeah, and I added a few bits. I had a 1975 750 s3 stolen earlier that year and fowlers had these reduced as the new model was coming out so I got it for a steal. Added Vincent bars, rear-sets, Cafe seat, eventually ditched the rear mudguard too, Avon tyres and Hagons and a cheeky S3 badge


Here’s my 1979 V50 - a distinct family resemblance. I agree that rear racks tend to detract slightly from the looks of a bike, but I have never managed to go without one for long. They’re just so useful!


Yeah I know they are useful and it is a genuine Guzzi part. I am keeping it so no doubt will reattach it at some point :grimacing:

Fantastic looking bike, great colour.

They had this one for sale at the time I picked mine up.


Yeah that is looking good bike - I like those bars and the seat :grinning:

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Guzzibits seat.

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Nice looking V50. I haven’t seen a maroon coloured one before - possiby non standard, but I really like it.

And why not, life’s not a dress rehearsal. Enjoy it.


Fantastic Steve, always fancied one, missed out on a cheap Le Mons a few years ago and have looked more recently. I wonder how they would be as a first bike?

Keep looking mate until you find one and then buy it!
Yes, they are in effect the Italian Bonneville with less power but are lighter and more nimble (and with a certain style) :grinning:

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