Yamaha Radian

…had my head turned by a Yamaha Radian…any experience, thoughts, opinions etc…

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You don’t see many of these around!

Not my cuppa tea but it has a nice classic look and might make a decent Cafe Racer conversion. :thinking:

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New one on me, too. I had to search for some photos.

It looks like someone sat too hard on their XJR…

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Didn’t knew that bike (never been sold in France I guess). looks like a crossover between a XJR and an FZX.


Had to look it up as well. Here is a picture for those who have never seen one either.

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It’s really close with the FZX with another engine (and a drum rear brake).
Same head light, same rear handle, same front wheel, very similar line, very similar frame.
I had 2 FZX.
Get a FZX then it’s much more fun. And the handling is so bad that even at low speed you feel to go faster.


I liked the look of the FZX, closest I got was a set of FZX rear shocks on my Sportster, mainly for looks.


Thanks for your replies all…I value your opinions…

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, but to me “I like it”!

It was seeing a V-Max in the early 90’s as a 16 yr old that got me “wanting a bike”… took me only another 25yrs to finally do it! Not a V-Max though… But have seen these on occasion and always wondered what they were as they looked “V maxy”…and, nostalgia aside, or maybe not…is, for me, the epitome of “what a bike should be”…

This is what’s caught my attention…


I like the look, I’ve seen them many of times as I search for quirky bikes and grey imports. It reminds me of the XJ550 of the eighties as that was a good bike but with Vmax influence. If I didn’t find four pots boring I’d actually buy a Radian as it’s got a head turning look about it.

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I happy to be educated.

What is boring regards “4 pots”?

Personally, I am thrilled by just being on a bike…will my non-refinedness notice?

Will I wish I was on my Tiger…

(It’s gonna have to be an either/or purchase, can’t have more than one bike)!

I too find in line 4’s a bit ho-hum, the engines just lack character imop, my 1200 bandit was a two wheel sedative, bought for commuting- sold after a month, my mates XJR 1300 was even worse, the only in line fours I’ve actually enjoyed were my GSXR 750 and the little 600 fazer I had 20 years ago also for commuting that was a hoot. I’ll take a vtwin or triple or parallel twin every time.


Thanks…sounds like “function over form”…?

You just have to try the different types and see what your own preference is.

I’m not a fan of V twins but like big IL4’s and (so far) Triumph Triples.
Modern Triples do seem to be the ideal mix in my experience*, but they all have their pros and cons.

*One of the scariest bikes I’ve ridden was actually a triple, a Suzuki GT380 2 stroke. Buckets of ‘character’ for all the wrong reasons :laughing:


Uh don’t know really, different strokes for different folks I guess, i did have a first generation multistrada which was ugly as they come but a really great bike, I just don’t like that whizzy linear feel of an in -line four.

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I had a suzuki GT550 which was a great little bike-Pxd for a Gt750 boiler…which sadly wasn’t.

I’ve owned two FZX’s. Very quick actually.


Also had a red and a blue :grinning:
Very quick, a little dragster, but brakes were not at the same level, frame and suspension too :laughing:

True, but it was a fun bike to ride anyway! The red one had upgraded rear shocks - improved handling no end.

This is all insightful stuff and very useful, thank you…

As I’ve said before, I have a very unrefined riding pallette so may not even notice I’m on “an IL4 Vs a triple”! :innocent:

Will continue to mull…