Holee shmolee

I would. Get it clean then I would get all the loose stuff off then sand down , clean with brake cleaner and then I would use Smoothrite.Stipple it on with a brush.


I’ve heard that some use barbecue paint.

If you can be bothered to mask it, etch it and spray with satin VHT engine paint.

Thanks all…

As the headers have gone back, as they are still leaking, I have a little more time to fettle and clean and sand and clean…and fettle and paint.

Bloody heck…I can see cleaning, prepping and painting the engine is gonna be ANOTEHR 75 quid! :face_exhaling:

Another update…

Fabricator got fed up trying to fix old, thin, corroded headers…so he just resectioned them for an extra few quid… So, that’s resectioned/piped headers, Tig purge welded with thicker gauge ss…all in for about £120.

I think I’m very happy!!


that’s probably the best option :+1:

Ok…headers cleaned…and going back on…

But…which way does his go ont (it was totally destroyed when old removed so no idea. Mesh in the headers…?

Or mesh towards the can?


Headers are looking great - can’t help you with the mesh I’m afraid…

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Nice bit of polishing there, well done.

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Ignore me, looking at it wrong. :roll_eyes:
I’d say it was the second option, but there’s bound to be someone on here who will know :slightly_smiling_face:

Facebook says that this is the way…mesh towards rear…

Facebook is always right… :see_no_evil:

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More of my evening…


Going back together very nicely :+1:

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Yep, nearly there…everything torqued up, and ready to add oil and coolant tomorrow!

AND…I don’t have any nuts or bolts left over (except old ones…I renewed as I went along)… :sweat_smile:

For info…this actually makes sense…as the solid ring taps home in to the collector, there’s a kind of ridge for it to fit in to…

It made sense once I was down there… (It often does :kissing_heart:)!


I think Philip Scofield might have said that at some stage…

I’ll get my coat…

Looking good now!

All done. Bike started…fan kicks in, no oil leaks…am happy!

Thanks all!