Postcards from Europe, June 2024

Yes, I know it’s not June yet :wink: Thought I’d start a thread for my tour that I can post the odd pic and update to. I won’t be doing that much as I’ll have poor internet access due to camping and will be saving what little mobile data I have for essential trip planning.

I checked the status of some Austrian passes this morning and they’re either still shut or only passible with snow chains, so doesn’t look like I’ll be visiting any. Oh well, they’ll still be there next time :smiley:

About to hit the road now, cheerio…


Ride safe and enjoy!


Brilliant , so glad you’ve got away . Have a superb time …!


Aboard ferry, can reeeelax now. :grinning:



Enjoy the trip and ride safe👍

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Have fun!!!

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Took two hours this morning to get off ferry and through passport check as there were 100s of bikes and two people checking passports. The queue for passport check streched all the way back to inside ferry :frowning:

Once moving properly we ended up doing 400km on mostly motorways in cloudy and damp conditions before finally realising we weren’t got to get to our intended destination. As we couldn’t face pitching tents in the rain after a somewhat grueling day we booked a cheap hotel near where we found ourselves. Then headed into the nearby town for schnitzel and weissbier :beers:


Yep. Pretty grey and damp today. Pity it took so long to get through immigration, what a nuisance!

Bad luck on the ferry exit and passport control. You can now put that behind you and enjoy the rest of your trip.

I seem to remember it being described as ‘taking back control’.

I don’t think ‘luck’ has much to do with it…

So what is your explanation then if not bad luck? :grinning:

Everyone was in same queue, including the EU bikes.

We decided to change our holiday plans as the weather in the Alps is bad for a few days more and all the passes are closed anyway, so we’re now France bound.

For today we headed through the Black Forest area, on the way stopping in a town for a lunch dish of bratwurst, sauerkraut and a couple of other things with random meat in. Not sure I’d repeat the experience, though the bratwurst was nice.

Unfortunately it was still drizzly and in the mountains it was thick fog and rain which meant visibility only let us see 20 metres of road. This also meant there were no nice photo opportunities.

Once we came down the west side though we arrived in sunshine and had a tradition black forest desert… :wink:

After that was an hour or so of tedious main road that went through villages with 30 km/h limits enery two minutes. :slightly_frowning_face: By now we had enough for travelling so pulled over to consult phones for accommodation. Turned out there was a hotel 100 meters away changing 84 quid for a room for us and campsites weren’t any cheaper. So we’ve ended up in another hotel tonight.


For at least another week the websites say, unfortunately.

Some are open for cars with snow chains which gives an idea of conditions. Our plans keep changing and out ‘leader’ changed them again overnight I’m happy for him to organise, don’t mind where we’re heading as I’m doing it on two wheels with two lifelong mates. :⁠-⁠D


Today was an easy 230 km mostly through France with a large stretch on the D486 which was a very nice run though rolling countryside on sweeping roads.

The first part of the day included a couple of twisty routes up and over mountains. The first of these rose into thick fog even worse than yesterdays and I was doing 10 mph in places and dabbing front brake lever every second to make my brake lights flash as I knew I would be effectively invisible from behind. The second mountain was clear with dry roads and great fun to ride as I was constantly sweeping from left to right turns in a flowing rhythm. This was spoilt a little by me being tail end charlie and the friend in front being more nevervos of corners causing me to need to back off repeatedly to keep space.

For day three of our camping holiday we actually got our tents out! :slight_smile:


Great to see things are improving!


So, today started out with lots of promise when, whilst drinking morning coffee by tents, we spotted the first tiny patch of blue sky we’d seen in Europe.

After packing up we hit the road for Switzerland looking forward to the better weather that was forecast. Unfortunately our hopes were dashed when we first stopped for fuel and our leader puled up besides us and asked have we seen his back tyre? Turns out it’s bald with the first tiny bit of fabric showing. :frowning:

We found a garage in the next village that also serviced bikes who reckoned he could get tyre for fitting tomorrow. Though after he was paid he said it might be the day after :frowning:

The bike and our camping stuff were left at the garage and our leader rode pillion with me the 10 miles to an Airbnb we booked. Now have a day to two twiddling thumbs waiting, though at least we have trees around us and a bit of a view (accompanied by the sound of traffic on the nearby dual carriageway.)


What was he doing going away with a tyre that clearly wasn’t going to last the whole holiday?