Today I have mostly been

I’m looking forward to it. Everything I’ve ridden so far has been great but I haven’t found that sweet spot between power and agility yet. Maybe it’ll be a KTM… :grin:

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Power and agility are two things that the Speed Triple 1200RS has an abundance of….

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Today I finally ordered a new clutch cable.
The one on the bike is probably there since 2005 and +67000km, so…
No I’m kidding, I was boring working non stop, so I surfed on the web and went on Venhill web site… and ordered a clutch cable :laughing: I’m weak…


Postman delivered a new motor for vacuum cleaner so today I’ve been hoovering the house and spreading the smell of burnt electrics :frowning: probably because I’m still using the old filter. I didn’t want to waste money on new filter in case motor wasn’t up to snuff (a couple of Amazon reviews said motor packed in after a few months so am dubious about it’s quality).


Yesterday I played bad golf .
Today I am considering taking up fishing to ease the stress and mood swings caused by the bad batting.

And as I usually play golf On a Wednesday (and that got cancelled due to the weather) and my MCN was late delivered for some reason, I have no idea what day it is today. My routine has been thrown out of the window.
Apparently today is Saturday….

I usually find it’s my down swing that causes the problem, the mood swing is later in the process and is just a side effect. HTH :see_no_evil:

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Thanks for the update, I thought it was Thirsty.

Feeling sorry for myself after having both flu and covid jabs yesterday as I’m now feeling shivery and generally meh. Originally it was suposed to be just the flu jab, but once in the chair they pounced and before I had time to think about it the deed was done. Ooo my fekkin arms hurt too, especially the one thag had the flu jab :rofl:

The memsahib had her jabs this week and felt the same as you afterwards. After a couple of Lemsips and a good night’s sleep, she was OK the next day. My jabs are due next month, so am mildly apprehensive, but to be fair my only symptom last time was an aching arm for a day or so.

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Never had a problem until I reached 65. Apparently according to my mate the flu jab they give you then is different and a lot thicker in consistency. I’m coming round slowly so will survive :rofl: personally I’ve always been a believer in vaccines and feeling a bit crap for a day is worth it as the alternative could be far worse.


I’m sure your good lady will be looking after you :thinking:

She’s off lady batting in Spain tomorrow so I need to recover quickly to make the most of the next week while she’s away…

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That’s cricket, right? :smile:

Hope you’re feeling better soon. Better that getting actual flu, I guess.

Might as well be…

When she’s tired of mousing, our cat often goes batting. I’ve rescued two or three of them this summer.

Received my brand new Venhill FeatherLift Clutch cable. Mounted in 10 minutes.
Just comparing the old one and the new one out of the bike, yes a new cable slips much better (I’m trying to convince myself I absolutely needed that cable).
Edit. Had to ride the bike. That cable makes a real difference.
Smooth, less effort needed. Quiet impressed indeed.


Welding welding and welding, remade my prototype luggage rack as there’s been stress points that I wasn’t sure about……


That means it snapped!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Is that for the 400‘s?