What You Been Doing With Your Triumph Today

Not just any shed, it’s a Honda shed :slightly_smiling_face:

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Indeed - the other was the Suzuki Shack :rofl:. Mine was very reliable :wink:.

Was there a BMW barn, a Triumph tent, a Kawasaki krapper and a Yamaha yert too?

No but a Piaggio Pod and a Kawasaki Pod…

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Up at sunrise and out in the cool misty air. Would have been a few brilliant photo opportunities but as I’d not ridden the bike since
the end of June when I came back from Assen, the phone and photos were secondary thoughts.
Did take one as the sun rose before I set off.
Off up to the Super Sausage for a breakfast bap and a catch up with a couple of friends.
En route I got the dreaded “Key Fob Battery needs changing “ flash up …!
So on the way home I dropped in to Pure Triumph in Woburn for a brew and to get a replacement battery.
The cafe there was buzzing …!
A beautiful GT550 pulled in as I sat there. Just lovely…!


Loved the Tax disc on the GT 550 …!


I wouldn’t like a man waving this at me with a smile on his face… :laughing:

And, pray please tell us where the said shed site is?

Sunny weather and warm enough to ride in T-shirt, leather and jeans; so made the most of it and spend 6 hours riding to an around Lincolnshire.

Don’t expect many more days like this before the winter layers go on for riding…


Oops sorry for my absence and late reply, work has got the better of me this week!! https://www.bikerscampsite.co.uk

That looks gorgeous…I rode to work in absolutely stinking weather yesterday morning. The Blade must have done its usual rain dance…I am hopeful for tomorrow… :crossed_fingers:

My mate and I made the most of half decent weather and no work commitments to nip over to Triumph West Yorkshire.

A few showers, busy roads but good to be out on the bike😄
They had just picked up the new 400’s. Got to say they look great! Think I prefer the Scrambler.

Guy was saying there were loads of folk at York when he picked them up. Obviously going to be popular!


Was supposed to be riding someone else’s Triumph today but we had to cancel as my riding buddy is unwell. My first ride on a Speed Triple will have to wait a little longer.

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Not again! One thing after another. Hope you get there soon

There’s no blessing on that, is there? What a pity…

I think we’ve made one out of four so far. Frustrating but such is life.

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@Octoberon hopefully you’ll get that test ride in soon; I also hope that your riding buddy recovers swiftly!

@Dawsy I do like the look of that little Scrambler - reckon they will be snapped up.

Today Helmut and I rode to have his Nightstorm MOTd - very short but sweet ride (I took my Striple). We then drove to Sportsbikeshop (weather looked like it would be awful for a trip up the motorway - turned out not to be but never mind, I am not enamoured with motorway trips anyway) where I had ordered some boots to try on. I purchased a pair to replace my last set of Sidi boots which gave up the ghost.


Thanks. He’s ok. I suspect he’s got a touch of Covid but he’ll live. The bikes will be there another day.

I like those boots.


I love them - just wish they didn’t insist on pink hearts on the women’s kit :person_facepalming:.

That is quite an outdated cliche now. Conpanies seem to want feedback these days - you should tell 'em!