What You Been Doing With Your Triumph Today

This is sensible and I try to do the same thing. Except I keep forgetting to take another tenner out afterwards. :man_facepalming:


Ironically, I normally do as well :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’ve spent the baulk of today cleaning both bikes. I started with both chains before giving them a good wash and a polish.

It was a nice day here today, not cold and mostly sunny. I did consider just going for a ride instead, but decided to give them both some TLC :slightly_smiling_face: Strangely, I quite enjoy cleaning the bikes!

The Speed Twin will be largely tucked away now until the Spring, but hopefully there will be some days nice enough to take it out for a run. The Tiger will continue to be used when the weather permits - with it’s decent wind protection, hand guards, heated grips and heated seat it’s actually quite a nice place to be even on cool days.


Removed the pannier scaffold for the Winter. Washed all the remains of Ireland and Italy from all the little fiddly places. Stood back and thought “What a damn fine machine” 8,000 miles since May.


Street Triple got a good wash and chain lube after the mucky trip over the Dales yesterday.

The disadvantage of a tail tidy - jacket also filthy :grimacing:


Probably one of the last runs for the Tiger this year.


Cold and breezy today but also sunny and dry, so did 120 miles on my Triumph today. Good to be riding on clean dry roads and not having to be extra cautious of road conditions. As a bonus, bike didn’t need a clean afterwards :slight_smile:

Despite heated socks and two jumpers I still started feeling rather cold about half way through ride.


Braver man than I.

I was out on the Speed Twin yesterday as it was sunny and 12c. It’s only been half that today :cold_face:

Starring on the cover of Nacelle magazine.


Will you be doing a book signing tour?

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Same as here then I reckon. Forecast was for 7°C top temperature but fortunately it started out nearly that first thing in morning as overnight didn’t get too cold. For the next week it’s meant to be around freezing overnight, it’s that thing called winter arriving…

Winter. Bah!

Sounds like you need a heated gilet or jacket. I couldn’t velieve the difference my keiss made as no matter how many layers you out on without one eventually you will get cold which in turn puts you at greater risk as your concentration gets less and your reaction times increase.

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In my dreams for the next 3 or 4 months.
(farmers will make sure of that :roll_eyes:)

It does. I get envious of a YouTuber I watch who has the kit. I had assumed it would be completely extortionate in price but having just checked it’s merely very very expensive at £500 for jacket, trousers and socks. I do wonder though how long it lasts before the heating elements break. If I was paying that sort of price I would want it to last upwards of 5 years and I’m doubtful of it’s durability.

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I’ve got the Keis heated vest/gilet - absolutely brilliant. You really just need to keep your core warm to feel warm all over.
Just had thec12v socket fitted to the Transalp so using it this weekend around the Lake District.


Jealous! :rage::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Just for you then :sunglasses:


With my Tiger Sport still off the road, awaiting a new front rim to arrive down under from the UK. I’ve been having a terrible time coping with not being able to ride for near on 5 weeks. While visiting the local triumph dealer to enquire about proceedings, I noticed a previous love standing forlornly in the corner.
Long story cut short and I now have another Street Triple 765 in the shed. Before purchasing the 1050 Tiger Sport, I owned a 2020 Street Triple 765 RS, which I absolutely loved and missed terribly. So now have a 2018 Street Triple 765 RS in the shed to use for local coffee/hoon rides. The 1050 will be used for multi day outings or local cruisey day rides.

The Tiger Sports front rim after hitting a Square edge on the Oxley Hwy

The 1050 and 2020 765, before Id sold the 765.

Leaving the Dealer with the 2018 765